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So. GISHWHES is over, and I didn't get to submit my lovely Last Supper picture. So you guys get to see it! (Submitted items aren't allowed to be reposted -- yet. I think.)

136. Action figures/superheroes set up to resemble “The Last Supper. ” (18 points)

In addition to that, there were so many random things I sent in. I'm hoping all of them counted, but there are a few that are iffy.

3. A police officer and a leatherjacket clad biker holding hands (12 points)
14. A laptop made entirely of felt. Image must show the screen and keyboard. (21 points)
32. Three Ingredient Challenge (TIC)–take an interesting photo that involves all three ingredients. TIC#1: puppet, persimmon, Pierre. (9 points)
35. TIC#4: blimp, binary, bias. (12 points)
36. TIC#5: glissade, gross, germination. (13 points)
67. A single photo showing 3 subway maps from your city; one from current year, plus the previous 2 editions. (11 points)
81. A toilet plunger covered in real gold leaf. (33 points)
82. A snow globe featuring a winter scene in a tropical setting. (20 points)
90. Photo of an item dispensed from a Japanese vending machine that is neither food nor beverage nor consumer electronics nor a tobacco product. Both the dispensed item and the vending machine must be visible. (13 points)
92. A photo of you or a team member with a garland of rhizomes. (11 points)
102. пятнадцать галлонов пресной борщ (29 points)
107. An accurate watercolor painting of the future. With the phrase, “GISHWHES is everywhere” painted somewhere on it. (24 points)
108. Take a photo of either a cruel Canadian or a live passenger pigeon. (19 points)
124. A painting/drawing of Misha and the Queen of England as Tarzan and Jane posing in a red chair (she’s in his lap). (12 points)
130. Eight women each holding up one of the letters; G, I, S, H, W, H, E, S, to spell GISHWHES in front of a monument in the capital city of their country. (15 points)
137. A street sign that looks authentic and reads “N. GISHWHES AVE. ” (23 points)

Video Challenges:
150. Perform your favorite dance moves (12 points)
152. Wearing business attire, recite a Doctor Suess passage of at least 21 words. (21 points)
154. Someone eating a meatball and mint-chip ice cream sandwich while saying, “mmmmm. Delicious!” (8 points)
165. Raise the roof. Then, either cut a rug or cut the mustard. (17 points)
198. Obey a very strange, arcane law. And quickly explain what the law is. The law must be real and must apply in the geographical location in which you are obeying it. (16 points)

Now that GISHWHES is over, I can a) sleep and b) catch up on #fanservices stuff. Sorry I'm so behind, guys! I will be attending Comiket 81 -- more details here.



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