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flist seems to be filled with varieties of colds and aches and pains. Me? STOMACH FLU. /o\ and after i had just been talking about hardly ever getting sick.


Since it's the internet and all, I don't actually care about TMI and bodily functions quite as much, but I'll cut my moaning for your sake.

Saturday, onsen. Sunday was spent at home, where I forgot to eat until, like, 9pm, and stayed up til 4:30am reading fic.
Monday morning, barely held back the vomit long enough to empty my exploding bowels, flush the toilet, and lose everything out the other end.

Yeah. Not pleasant.

Monday was spent miserably nauseated, trying to sleep and failing due to vomiting some more. Did manage to get down some water, at least, but. Turning on my side would make me nauseous, staying in the same position made my back ache, and ugh, suck. Wish I had a couch.

No vomiting Tuesday, though the diarrhea has persisted, and I am exhausted and my stomach muscles don't like me, and food makes me terribly nervous when I can bear to look at it/smell it. And kept waking up all night with more diarrhea and cramps. Today, Wednesday, found me at an English speaking doctor's office, where he confirmed it was likely stomach flu, and gave me four kinds of meds. (There's a hotline for foreigners that helps find foreign language speaking doctors in your area -- so glad I got around to calling them.)

Of course, my first attempt at taking the meds (all three powders together in water) made me vomit again, but taking them separately, chased with water instead, went much better. (Note to self: chocolate pudding plus new meds equals really bad results. As you knew after your wisdom teeth.)

But now, I suspect I'm really dehydrated, as I feel colder than the room probably merits, and am painfully drowsy. Doesn't help that I haven't eaten -- will try some mushy cereal as soon as I can convince myself out of bed, and drink lots more water and eat yet another banana.

I've always been a miserable person when ill, doubly so when it interferes with my sleep. I get panicky and break down when overtired and unable to fall asleep. Add that to almost /never/ vomiting -- not counting this bout, it's probably only been twice in the past seven years, once due to wisdom teeth pain meds -- and it's been very disconcerting. I canceled my class for tomorrow, and they've rescheduled, so I don't have to worry about docked pay, but. Sigh.



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