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Ambitious is not usually a term I use to describe myself -- I don't have much in the way of career goals, and I've never been able to answer that whole "Where do you see your self in 5/10/20 years?" question. (When inevitably asked by students come interview time, what is your dream?, I totally bullshit about whatever topic they'll actually understand my answer for. Recently, becoming a fashion designer.)

But I'm coming to realize that in a few areas of my life, I actually do have ambition -- but I lack the drive to back it up. One is my long-term interest in small to mid-scale exportation of goods, despite recent setbacks with #fanservices. The other, as you're probably sick of hearing me blather on about, is cosplay.

I'm not a very good cosplayer. I mean, I have standards, but I don't have terribly much experience with proper garment and prop construction, and I procrastinate so badly that I'm very rushed for time before presentation at events. This blog post is one of those procrastination tools -- I'm supposed to be constructing a Captain America cosplay right now, for an event in two weeks. Guess who hasn't started cutting/sewing? Fortunately, Castiel is wearable, minus shoes and possible wig changes, so I won't be without a costume.

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Yeah, I like to play dress up (and the prestige of not buying a ready-made costume) so much more than actually making it.

My wishlist for cosplay keeps growing longer and longer, not helped at all with the fact I'm apparently working on obtaining /all/ of Tony Stark's wardrobe, or at least off-the-rack imitations thereof. (My next post here will be all the reference shots I'm using -- if anyone else can make use of it, since I have yet to find any posts focusing on the non-battle-suits of those movies elsewhere...)

List of characters off the top of my head:

Castiel, SPN
Captain America, movieverse (USO stage costume)
Tony Stark, movieverse (IM1 Jericho, IM1 pre-Jericho casual, IM2 courtroom, Avengers pale suit)
Gaara, Naruto (Shippuden)
Asgardian/Billy, YA
Shatterstar, Marvel (Love recent costume, but am set on ponytailed version in white)
Hulkling/Teddy, YA (girl version?)
Ed Elric, FMA
Roy Mustang, FMA
Kon, DCU (T-shirt version is almost finished)
Leanansidhe, Dresden Files (Ghost Story outfit)

Plus, I vaguely want to dress as:

Girl/loli versions of everyone
Sexy-no-jutsu versions of half the Naruto cast (or at least bikini designs for them)
Sanzo, Saiyuki (and make Goku for someone else)
Enchantress, Marvel (A character with a prettier version of my hair. I vote no wig, yay.)
Ichigo Kurosaki, Bleach
John Watson, BBC Sherlock (if only for [profile] crimsongriffin's sake)
Apollo, The Authority
The Midnighter, The Authority
Kiba, Naruto
Kankuro, Naruto

...am noticing the tendency towards desiring to cosplay both characters in a pairing I like. ^^;; There's definitely a ton more I'm leaving off the list, but I'll have to add them in later.



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