Aug. 25th, 2011

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My wig collection has reached... *counts* 13 wigs? Most of them were purchased for under Y2000, and actually decent quality at that, and I'm pretty sure I've worn all but three of them out and about already. (I also have like, five or six pairs of color contact lenses, but let's not talk about those right now.) I like playing dress-up, period -- if it's cosplay as well, all the better :D

I mention this because, on my ever-growing list of cosplays I wish to do someday, a couple characters that have been burning at the back of my mind for quite a while now. I really have to blame [personal profile] luciazephyr and her big damn fanmix, A Chicago Triptych, for my recent desire to cosplay the Leanansidhe (Dresden Files). 

In the more recent descriptions of Lea, her hair is described as fiery gold. What the hell does that look like, I asked. @skysailor99 offered up the following pic as a gorgeous color sample, thanks love.

And with that in mind, Marcia Cross's hair color looks like a good real life reference, if it were styled crazy long and curly/wavy. (Photo ganked from 

ETA: oh hey more ref pics )If you have any alternative ideas to Lea's haircolor or style, please let me know! Additional input is always welcome~

Anyway, as soon as I had seen that, I was like, wow, you know, that looks like it could work for Shatterstar's hair, who I've been wanting to cosplay for years.

Apparently, I have a weakness for all redheads )

And so, the wig search begins. Below the cut is where I'm stashing wig notes and other related cosplay research on these two characters.

Locally, two shops I know are within my price range, namely Bodyline and that nameless wig shop in Nippori, and possibly Maple as well. Online, well, I'm not terribly certain as to quality of said wigs. There are a lot more hairstyles available in the western shops and more expensive stores in Japan, but the fiber quality is different. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

Costume research here~ )

I spend far too much time researching this stuff, lol. I'm partial to the first wig, though it's a little darker than I was hoping, considering current comic canon colors (bright orange) and the photo refs I'm looking at. Actually, the "orange" color from Maple? Looks like it matches the photos best, which is weird, but I can go with that.



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