Nov. 29th, 2011

feikoi: Ichigo from Bleach (tired)
So. GISHWHES is over, and I didn't get to submit my lovely Last Supper picture. So you guys get to see it! (Submitted items aren't allowed to be reposted -- yet. I think.)

136. Action figures/superheroes set up to resemble “The Last Supper. ” (18 points)

In addition to that, there were so many random things I sent in. I'm hoping all of them counted, but there are a few that are iffy.
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Now that GISHWHES is over, I can a) sleep and b) catch up on #fanservices stuff. Sorry I'm so behind, guys! I will be attending Comiket 81 -- more details here.
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Concurrent with (and vaguely mentally related to) #GISHWHES, I decided I wanted to find a trench coat. Castiel's trench coat. In order to, yanno, cosplay him. To this end, while out and about, accomplishing GISHWHES tasks with friends, I've been digging through used and regular fashion stores.

So. Flipping. Hard. To find something suitable I can afford. Burberry seems to make the closest approximation I can find here, excepting a few small designer shops (which are even /further/ out of my price range). Sigh.

On one such trip, I found a pretty cool trench -- not suitable for cosplay, due to differing design details, but as I had vaguely Cas-like clothes with me anyway, I decided it was an absolutely /smashing/ idea to change into cosplay in the middle of H&M's mens department. Wig and all.

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On the walk back to the station, found some awesome red-lensed sunglasses. After the X-Men movies, I'm always on the lookout for them, and was pretty happy with this pair. Between these and the subsequent dinner in Shin-Okubo (Korea-town), K and I were discussing different potential characters, and one in particular got stuck in my head. Got home, did a bit of make-up practice for Castiel's five o'clock shadow, then decided, what the heck.

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I'd like to try making fake mustaches/beards/sideburns, using latex as a base since I have a jar of it already. Has anyone had experience with this? Getting tips from one friend, but I always welcome more help.

Still have yet to start on either Gaara's outfit or props, and same goes for Renji's bankai variation. Whoops....and these are supposed to be done in a month...



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