May. 26th, 2012

feikoi: Ichigo from Bleach (sigh)
The Singapore vacation went well! Don't have much in the way of pictures, I kinda left that up to the others. We had lots of delicious food, and watched the Avengers twice, and did lots of touristy things.

If you ever have the chance to visit Singapore, I'd recommend doing the Night Safari. Yes, zoos, they have them everywhere, but 1) The layout of the main Singapore Zoo is really well done, very enjoyable, and 2) the Night Safari is /at night/. It's actually an adjacent park, and you get to wander around the paths and visit all the nocturnal animals, and there's also a tram tour that takes you around to all the large animal areas. Really cool.

Cosplay happened! I went as Tony Stark to the midnight showing of the Avengers, in the outfit displayed in the trailers. Pretty happy with how it turned out, despite the wig being a pain in the ass. And not having enough time to match up the facial hair properly, augh.

Shitty pics are shitty. )

And the last day of my stay was Free Comic Book Day! I also started out the day as Tony, as I met up with Kie and her friends to get ALL THE COMICS. (Tangent: I now have the hardcover for Children's Crusade. OMG FINALLY) After that, I switched into Superboy mode, and Kie and I went to Universal Studios! and purikura!

Went to Universal Studios with @Kiellne yesterday, it was loa... on Twitpic
Cue shenanigans. )

Cut to a week later. While visiting Jessamy and Marixsa, we made cakes! LOTS OF THEM. We ended up making a layered red velvet cake inspired by that amazing Captain America one, but this time more on the Cap/Iron Man slash end of things. (And also started putting together a Hulk cake, muahahaha)


Now, finally getting back to the subject line (no, visiting singapore to see a movie and making comic book cakes are not nearly insane enough)...

I've decided to get a circle space at Movies Paradise this fall. MP is a relatively small fan event for western fandoms -- your typical Japanese event with circle selling fan-comics and fanfic and a little bit of cosplaying. I have also decided that I'm going to make props for ALL the Avengers characters. And possibly SHIELD stamps. Along with whatever cosplay I manage to get finished (Tony is ready, Steve is doable, Loki would be insane).

NOT ONLY THAT, but I had also been considering putting together an Avengers fan-anthology for the event. I've since realized that that is /probably/ too short of a timeframe, but here's the deal. If you want to distribute or sell related materials at MP through me, let me know. This could be postcard prints, copybon, whatever. I ask that you pay me for whatever printing, etc. charges I'd need to do on your behalf, but otherwise, I'm game. (I could probably manage a staplebound anthology/artbook still if there is interest, but.)



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