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In honor of moving my service pages over to [personal profile] fanservices, I'm holding a drawing for free doujinshi/goods. \o/ Adding even more prizes now!

One ticket will be given to each entrant. Entrants who are "watching" [personal profile] fanservices at time of drawing will receive one extra ticket. Customers in the past six months will also get a bonus ticket when they enter. Check out the details here, and comment on the post to enter!

In addition, I have several new services open!



Now's your chance to order from a variety of Japanese online shops, including Toranoana and youclub. Commission is only $5 an item! Order will be placed October 1st.

For more details, click here to go to the group order page.


I am now taking orders for Movies Paradise 15! MP15 is an event catering towards western fandoms, including Supernatural, Batman, Sherlock Holmes, Saw, Inception, CSI, and many more. Click here to visit the event service page, and send me an email with any questions -- or your order!

~Thank you~

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