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Halloween! Favorite holiday, it must be said, for obvious reasons. I mean really -- candy? costumes? /Awesome/.

I've, uh, apparently decided to make a Gaara costume this weekend. Yes, I am fucking insane, but I have permission to wear a costume at one of my schools next week, so I wanna do something new.

(or, well, said permission:
Me: Hey, can we do a Halloween class in October?
Head teacher: Sure, what do you want to do?
Me: Well, halloween words, bingo, talk about Halloween in America...and hey, I have a lot of costumes, I can bring them in for the kids to try on.
Head teacher: Sounds fun!
Me: So its okay that I wear a costume to class?
Head teacher: Okay.
....[note that this takes place half in Japanese -- the teacher's English is better than a lot of elementary school teachers, but is still probably on par with my Japanese, so, uh, who knows if we got the same thing out of the convo, lol])

I may get another wig -- perhaps the exact same wine-red bob, but one I won't feel bad chopping up until it's short enough to spike a bit. (I really like this wig, I have it in like, four colors? Especially fab since they're under Y1000 each.) Or I might buy one from the Nakano shop, since I'll likely stop in there this week. 

Oh, I haven't mentioned! In Nakano Broadway, down the hall from the fannish stores, is a cosplay shop. Now, I hadn't looked at the wigs there before, because I was expecting the typical Mandarake/cosplay shop prices. But my friend was picking up a wig to do Babydoll (Sucker Punch), and so I helped her out, and wow, they're cheaper or comparable to Maple. Awesome. So she now has a loosely curled wig down to her ass which looks awesome, and I'm thinking about getting it in orange. Remember that post I made about cosplaying Shatterstar? I think this might work (it's on the slightly darker end of oranges, like the first wig pic or Bodyline's orange) -- actually, the style looks rather like the first wig as well. I have a pic of my friend wearing it, but haven't gotten permission to post it. Anyway, it was closer to Y4200 at the Nakano shop -- less than Maple, more than the unstyled wigs in Nippori, but as Nakano is closer, I don't have to pay as much in train fare. \o/

I've ordered green mesh contacts -- they're the UV ones, seen here, and I haven't managed to find a non-blacklight pic of them, but hopefully they'll a) fit, and b) work color-wise. (My blue eyes as a base should help with this.) So far, I've ordered all of my contacts from YouKnowIt.com (which has a few mirror stores -- bodyjewellryshop, foureyez, etc.). Communication when you email them with questions is pretty meh, but they're cheap, AND they offer free international shipping. Win. I've ordered, hmm, I guess this makes my sixth pair of contacts from them. The most recent pair, Mystic Green, do not fit my eyes at all, which is weird -- everything /should/ be the one general size, since I'm not ordering them prescription (which I should get my eyes fitted for anyway, but hasn't happened yet), and I haven't had this issue with any of my other pairs.... I haven't gotten a response from the one email I sent the company, but whatever, I'm only out $15. (Yes, they're that cheap. It's /awesome/.)

Btw, these are the one's I ordered: http://www.youknowit.com/online-shop/i-glow-green-screen-contact-lenses-pair623283.cfm

....My posts are Digression Central, aren't they. Whoops.

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