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Have submitted two items so far, and have another three possibles kinda ready? Seriously, the item list is ridiculous. Really really.

Who wants to help out? XD

In other news... who am I kidding, there is no other news. Other than somewhat old cosplay pix, cuz I don't think I've actually posted these yet!

Renji: Halloween party pix, both at school and not. I think you'll be able to tell :P

On the way home from school, still in full makeup.

Party party -- back done by [profile] crimsongriffin

ffff dorky face is all gums :E but the eyebrows/makeup are halfway decent, if a tad too thin.

The wig doesn't spike nearly as much as it could, but that's intentional, as I wanted to be able to switch between up and down styles without too much pain.

Gaara: wig progress and make-up practice.

First cutting attempt.

After the second attempt, and probably way too much product :P

But seriously, if you have any original fills or ideas on how to accomplish some of those items, and don't mind me submitting them for Team #67, I'll gladly take them. You can reach me at feikoi [at] gmail.com.



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