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The Singapore vacation went well! Don't have much in the way of pictures, I kinda left that up to the others. We had lots of delicious food, and watched the Avengers twice, and did lots of touristy things.

If you ever have the chance to visit Singapore, I'd recommend doing the Night Safari. Yes, zoos, they have them everywhere, but 1) The layout of the main Singapore Zoo is really well done, very enjoyable, and 2) the Night Safari is /at night/. It's actually an adjacent park, and you get to wander around the paths and visit all the nocturnal animals, and there's also a tram tour that takes you around to all the large animal areas. Really cool.

Cosplay happened! I went as Tony Stark to the midnight showing of the Avengers, in the outfit displayed in the trailers. Pretty happy with how it turned out, despite the wig being a pain in the ass. And not having enough time to match up the facial hair properly, augh.

Shitty pics are shitty. )

And the last day of my stay was Free Comic Book Day! I also started out the day as Tony, as I met up with Kie and her friends to get ALL THE COMICS. (Tangent: I now have the hardcover for Children's Crusade. OMG FINALLY) After that, I switched into Superboy mode, and Kie and I went to Universal Studios! and purikura!

Went to Universal Studios with @Kiellne yesterday, it was loa... on Twitpic
Cue shenanigans. )

Cut to a week later. While visiting Jessamy and Marixsa, we made cakes! LOTS OF THEM. We ended up making a layered red velvet cake inspired by that amazing Captain America one, but this time more on the Cap/Iron Man slash end of things. (And also started putting together a Hulk cake, muahahaha)


Now, finally getting back to the subject line (no, visiting singapore to see a movie and making comic book cakes are not nearly insane enough)...

I've decided to get a circle space at Movies Paradise this fall. MP is a relatively small fan event for western fandoms -- your typical Japanese event with circle selling fan-comics and fanfic and a little bit of cosplaying. I have also decided that I'm going to make props for ALL the Avengers characters. And possibly SHIELD stamps. Along with whatever cosplay I manage to get finished (Tony is ready, Steve is doable, Loki would be insane).

NOT ONLY THAT, but I had also been considering putting together an Avengers fan-anthology for the event. I've since realized that that is /probably/ too short of a timeframe, but here's the deal. If you want to distribute or sell related materials at MP through me, let me know. This could be postcard prints, copybon, whatever. I ask that you pay me for whatever printing, etc. charges I'd need to do on your behalf, but otherwise, I'm game. (I could probably manage a staplebound anthology/artbook still if there is interest, but.)
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How negligent of me! I've been avoiding real life hassles recently (big and small, more on that later, I'm sure) which means I'm hiding under the covers rereading fic instead of, well, keeping up with communications. So the fic link post is a little late~

May 2010 fic (and other) links
  1. (via @lizfu) guys. Guys. GUYS. THIS IS JUST FAB: Lady Gaga's "Telephone" as portrayed by two of our boys overseas: http://is.gd/bVYfU
  2. Rec: How to Embrace a Swamp Creature, by [personal profile] blue_soaring . Daken/Venom, X, dubcon tentacles.is.gd/bYMqY pond art NSFW is.gd/bYMvS
  3. (via [personal profile] bookshop ) I have read this fic hundreds of times & every time I cry for joy that it exists. http://bit.ly/azCTDA
  4. (via [personal profile] bookshop ) oxboxer's Spock's Brain comic. AMAZING.http://oxboxer.livejournal.com/65557.html LOOOOGIC
  5. Rec: Between Breaths, by aliana_iskassa. Iron Man/Hulk, Tony/Bruce, X. for rounds_of_kink for vzg, prompt "dildos". bit.ly/9lD21C
  6. Rec: This Woman's War, by [personal profile] tsukinofaerii . Ultimates AU, R, genderswap!Captain America, Stevie/Gail.bit.ly/a3j80h
  7. Rec: Return and sequels, by adaliseranis. Gokusen, Shin, mostly gen, PG13.community.livejournal.com/gokusen_love/124223.html
  8. It's past 1 am, and I still can't stop reading maldoror's orig fic, Outlands. Total rec, guys. maldoror-gw.livejournal.com/83190.html
  9. Rec: Take Refuge in What You Know, by corpus_invictus. STXI AU, Jim/Spock, R, agoraphobia. WIP.bit.ly/95NDTo
  10. @ajafair There is Harry/Draco fic revolving around Parliament, isn't there? "Corridors of Power," I believe.
  11. BWAHAHAHA amazing. (Yay Tony Stark!) ellyr-in-ink.livejournal.com/12677.html
      • @skysailor99: *snicker* And, yeah, the research/attention to detail/etc. really makes it.
      • [personal profile] feikoi : I'm just imagining that line said in the same tone as "The hammer is my penis." And now I want a crossover.
      • @skysailor99: Oh yes. *dies* Awesome. Tony Stark would sweep Penny off her feet and into his bed in about two seconds... and Dr. Horrible would follow next. Hammer would be a throwaway fuck, I think.
      • [personal profile] feikoi : Or be gotten all hot and bothered without Stark even really noticing, too busy with more important things. Like booze.
      • @skysailor99: Dr. Horrible would concoct an accidentally super-addictive ultra-booze. Or it would have some other side effect.
      • [personal profile] feikoi : Sex pollen! Or, well, the booze equivalent. What is that, Orion ale? :P
      • @skysailor99: I suppose sex pollen. I generally consider Tony himself to be sex pollen.
      • [personal profile] feikoi : Well, yes, in the attracts-beautiful-butterflies sense. But the crazy uncontrollable WAIT WAIT THE BOOZE GROWS TENTACLES YEAH
      • @skysailor99: ...yes.
      • @skysailor99: Can the booze grow tentacles? Or induce tentacle growth?
      • [personal profile] feikoi : OR MAYBE THEY GROW WINGS heck, how many tropes can we fit into one thing?
      • @skysailor99: Wings with tentacles? Don't forget the sparkle! Oh, my.
      • [personal profile] feikoi : The booze grows them. It becomes partially sentient, and also able to retain some sort of form. A TENTACLED FORM. #
      • @skysailor99: Dr. Horrible would totally accidentally create sentient tentacle booze. OMG I've got it. It renders most people unconscious, but Tony has such a crazy alcohol resistance that it instead sexpollens him. And Billy's accidentally rendered himself partly immune to various things at various points... side effect of his lab style.
      • [personal profile] feikoi  DO IT. DO IT NAO.
  12. RT @skysailor99 This is... special.. and makes me think of SGAfic. bit.ly/cRdf1w //I'm stuck between WHUT. and MANICORN IS AWESOME.
  13. Rec: New Life, by Laurea. 10th Kingdom, G, Virginia/Wolf. Christening fic, 9 Kingdoms-style. bit.ly/co7irl
  14. (via @neilhimself) Best table ever arrived safely. Found via Twitter. Artist/tablemaker Kwak found via @valya on Twitter, and he madehttp://twitpic.com/1p399q
  15. (via @skysailor) @feikoi This made me think of you. (very NSFW) http://malesubmissionart.com/post/205758900/in-a-bed-a-young-man-is-penetrated-by-an
  16. (via @freosan) @feikoi You know this dress, right? http://bit.ly/amM2mTJust making sure.
  17. Reading: Constructs in Progress, by muccamukk. Avengers AU, M, Steve/Tony +more, unicorns! For au_bigbang on LJ. is.gd/ckBUD Other keywords for previous fic: dystopia, unicorns, polyamory, magic, cyberpunk. Gotta love a #bigbang fic that brings all that together.
  18. RT @vejiicakes Most accurate Cloud (FF7) cosplay. EVER. In the history of the world. RT @himhilien bit.ly/cpN76z
  19. Shredded tee tutorial: bit.ly/9ngiI6 Think I want to combine this with slashing over the bust, somehow. Any design suggestions?
  20. RT @vejiicakes tinyurl.com/2udsnss My final fairytale animatic is up now, along with my rambly 'AHH let this... // Totally awesome!
  21. RT @KuriLu This: humblecomics.com/blog/index.php?entry=entry100524-195255 // Didn't include the whole Korean=kimono fail, but yeah.
  22. RT @skysailor99 This. Article: bit.ly/b42kSp "Many..get into the culture not by reading the original text, but by reading fanfiction"
  23. Oh, fun! Going through the entries for the au_bigbang, and there's a highschool!AU for Merlin. Chee~is.gd/ctfHM ...REALLY? *_* (there is Dresden Files long!fic. And Riddick. I'll be off reading the night through, all.)
  24. Reading: Near Miss, by shiplizard and beachkid. Dresden Files, NC17, AU, Dresden/Marcone. archiveofourown.org/works/87825
  25. R: Role Model, by Truth. Riddick, R. "Kyra wanted to be Jack, and got her wish. Jack never wanted to be Kyra, or anyone other than herself." is.gd/ctgq9
  26. Reading: Titans of Industry, by lady_sarai. Teen Titans, T, AU, Tim and Conner and Cissie. lady-sarai.livejournal.com/358308.html Whoops, last fic was also cowritten by zoe_chan. Art by modestroad here:modestroad.livejournal.com/103195.html
  27. Also to read: The Idiot's Guide to Foiling Alien Invasions, by netgirl_y2k. Doctor Who, PG13, Jackie and Mickey-centric. is.gd/ctido
  28. To read: iHero, by Bernice. Smallville/DCU fusion AU thing, NC17, Clark/Lex, a bit cracky humor. is.gd/ctijD
  29. Am reading the webcomic White Noise: is.gd/cvJda (Two chara designs remind me of Duo and Reno, and now I want a crossover. GW/FF7 FTW!)
    1. I should probably go to bed sometime soon, shouldn't I. Finished going through the archives of White Noise -- total rec, guys.
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Going ahead and forward dating this, because I am fidgity and apparently must stay up to 3am if I get around to blogging.

April 2010 fic (and other fannish) links
  1. Omg that was so cute! Katsubou no Manazashi, by Takarai Saki. BL manga, link here community.livejournal.com/afascinante/81792.html
  2. Rec via @KuriLu: A Girl and her Tentacle Monster, by Naomi Libicki. Original short story, R, space and tentacles! is.gd/bfyC3
  3. Rodney McKay - California Institute of Technology bit.ly/cWEfsE [for "Bellcurve"]
  4. In other news which may make your fandom heart pitterpatter, check out this site for Stark Expo 2010!www.starkexpo2010.com/
  5. Ooo, found more tentacle fic here: mystiri-1.livejournal.com/tag/kink:%20tentacles
  6. How did I miss this? thx @ajafair Cool Blue Reason, by blue_soaring. Iron Man (movie), Tony/Jarvis, X, tentacles. is.gd/bfMJE
  7. Reading: The Crown of the Summer Court, by astolat. Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, X, elves. is.gd/bldlX
  8. Aaaaand now I'm reading AI zombie!fic. How did this happen? www.intimations.org/fanfic/idol/House%20of%20the%20Living.shtml
  9. To read: The Pause That Refreshes, by Te. DCU, NC17, slash. "Alternate Summary: Celibacy Cat hates Teland." is.gd/blp39
  10. To read: The More We Get Together, by Te. DCU, NC17. "Summary: Titans Together, and then some." 16 [sex] scenes. is.gd/blp8p
  11. Annnnnd going through this rec page, then to curl up in bed and read and read and read.mfsd.talkoncorners.net/smallvillerecs.htm
  12. And Then Ed Took a Level in Badass, art by jeredu (commentfic by joisbishmyoga). My title/spoilers: FULLMETAL TENTACLES http://bit.ly/dzzLHz
  13. http://jeredulevenin.livejournal.com -- jeredu did the FMA!tentacle I linked recently, and this Zack/Cloudhttp://is.gd/bvszX
  14. JereduLevenin also apparently did fanart for JoIsBishMyoga's "The Best Defense". You know, that awesome HP/YYH xover? http://is.gd/bvtxA
  15. @sinistra_blache Getting closer... Here's a Tony/Jack and Nathan/Jack fic http://serene-quill.dreamwidth.org/16423.html
  16. @sinistra_blache @Needs_Coffee Aaand this one's labeled as pre-slash and incest! Go kinkmeme! Tony/Nathan, rated T 4now http://bit.ly/anKsQl
  17. Rec: Change of Plans, by ponderosa and blue_soaring. Sherlock Holmes, H/W, NC17, with art! http://blue-soaring.dreamwidth.org/204349.html
  18. I'm a bad, horrible person and all, looking for Hagrid fic. I blame [personal profile] ponderosa and her very NSFW Hagrid/Draco pic here http://bit.ly/9A4tus
  19. Rec: In Between Days, by atrata. HP, AmbiguouslyTrustworthy!SS/ClinicallyDepressed!HP, NC17. dubcon, chan. Hot&twisted. http://bit.ly/9A4tus And long. Really long and ambiguous and the depression depiction hit me really really hard and god that was amazing.
  20. Rec: Little Deaths, by [personal profile] schmevil. Avengers, Steve/Tony, NC17. kink. Links at top of posthttp://schmevil.dreamwidth.org/209924.html
  21. Aaa, what else have I been reading lately? A bunch of stuff off of my tentacles list, notably the gaidencraft series by [personal profile] ciceqi....
  22. Rec: Care of Magical Creatures, by Bernice Russell. HP, Hagrid/Snape, NC17, courtship.http://members.ozemail.com.au/~brussell/comc.htm
  23. Rec: Persuasive, by mystiri_1[personal profile] mystiri_1. FF7, Reno/Cloud, PG, 5 times Reno tries to get Cloud on a date. http://mystiri-1.dreamwidth.org/42451.html
  24. Rec: Housewarming, by Harukami and Whitecat. FMA, Roy/Ed, NC17. Probably already recced, but am cracking up as I reread http://bit.ly/b394Ta
  25. BWAHAHAHAHA! Rec: Hatched, by mystiri_1. FF7, G, Zack/Cloud. Chocobos. http://mystiri-1.dreamwidth.org/17852.html

(btw, let me know if something doesn't match up here -- the dw editor seems to be eating text between two user-name tags on occasion...)
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Have decided to backdate-crosspost my fic links from Twitter. Usually, you can find links as I post them at http://twitter.com/feikoi/favorites, but I've been trying to collate them on Livejournal, and now that I'm actually posting on Dreamwidth, here too.

To start, here are the March 2010 fic links:
  1. Rec: A Distant Utopia, by shrift. The Authority, R, Apollo/Midnighter. bifictionalbedlam.slashcity.net/shrift/distantutopia.html 
  2. Reading: Dodge-town, by shrift. Batman, NC17, Dick/Tim, sex pollen. bifictionalbedlam.slashcity.net/shrift/dodge-town.html 
  3. Rec: Blind Date, by shrift. Teen Titans, X, Kon/Tim. "Kon has a crisis. Tim wears pajamas." bit.ly/a51fyB 
  4. Fic: Never-Ever Land, by shrift. BtVS, X, Spike/Xander, pretty much sex-pollen fic :D bit.ly/a5Ge9K
  5. @sinistra_blache Buried in my favorites, but were-Zelenka is...scroll down to Moonlight series: gila.faking-sanity.net/stargate.html
  6. Reading: Back to the Garden: Eden 2.0, by ciceqi. Good Omens, Houseplants/Crowley, R, #tentacles. bit.ly/aXQxpp
  7. And sequel! Back to the Garden: Ropes and Snares. Aziraphale/Houseplants/Crowley, R, #tentacles ciceqi.slashcity.com/GOgarden02.html
  8. Read: Birds of a Feather, by Evan Nicholas. CSI, PG, lab ensemble, geekery :D community.livejournal.com/csi_lab_rats/6273.html
  9. Rec: First Things First, by Dira Sudis. CSI, Nick/Grissom, PG, oblivious cuteness. dira.ficlaundering.com/csi/first.html
  10. Reading: How Much String is in the World. Who Has it. by someinstant. DCU, R, Dick+alcohol. LOL someinstant.livejournal.com/2585.html
  11. Rec: California Dreaming, by daegaer. Good Omens/Buffy, PG13, gen. daegaer.livejournal.com/19996.html
  12. Rec: the sound of one hand clapping, by Gale. Firefly/SG1, PG, ascended!Wash :D iphignia939.livejournal.com/197480.html
  13. Rec: Harry Potter and the Improbable Use of Chaos Theory, by debchan. HP/Discworld, PG13, crack! debchan.livejournal.com/130215.html
  14. Rec: The Things We Did and Didn't Do, by siraeve. SGA/Iron Man (film), R, Rodney and Tony. siriaeve.unrealwords.com/thingswedid.html
  15. Rec: Paparazzo, by basingstroke. Iron Man/Spiderman (films), R, Tony/Peter. basingstoke.livejournal.com/361950.html
  16. Reading: Hero, by Perry Moore. Just picked this up from the post office this evening, and liking it so far. Last book (Beige) was a dud.
    1. I could stay up all night reading this. Hmm.
    2. So, apparently I did stay up to read it. Total rec, guys -- if you haven't read Hero (by Perry Moore) yet, you should. Melikes.
  17. anyone's interested, noelia_g has posted up a fanvid recs list here: noelia-g.livejournal.com/339962.html
  18. Reading: Going Home, by daegaer. Good Omens. Heaven recalls Aziraphale. daegaer.livejournal.com/32277.html
  19. Rec: Contemporay Magical Innovations by H. Granger, by kai. HP, Snarry, NC17, non-HBP-compliant futurefic. bit.ly/aNJtrq
  20. Rec: Sheppard's Law of Martyrdom, by pir8fancier. SGA (post-season), R, Rodney/Jennifer, Rodney/John. bit.ly/cWQsp8
  21. Rec: Long Way Home, by jezebel_rising. New!Trek, R, pre-slash K/S, past child abuse, angst. jezebel-rising.livejournal.com/45765.html
  22. @baileychelle Here's a link to Wide Open Ocean, the sga aquarium au fic setissma.livejournal.com/tag/wide+open+ocean
  23. Reading: Bird of Prey, by CollaneR. Batman (Nolanverse), R, Jim/Bruce, epic length. www.fanfiction.net/s/5700315/1/Bird_of_Prey
  24. Rec: through the holes in your veins, by noelia_g. The Dark Knight, NC17. Jim Gordon only knows Batman by touch. is.gd/aYkAI
  25. Rec: a cold throne, by ciceqi. FFXII post-game, Larsa character study. tsukinofaerii.dreamwidth.org/199894.html
  26. Rec: Besieging Omelas, by Gehayi. Dresden Files/Hellblazer, PG13, Dresden/Marcone. bit.ly/aSPYCN
  27. RT @Lizfu twitpic.com/1bsq1a - Painted for my BFF for her birthday. Bad Dresden Files fanart of Marcone princess carrying Harry.//:D

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backdated and x-posted from lj

February 2010 linkage:
  1. @skysailor99 On a less ranty note, Roll With It updated :D synecdochic.dreamwidth.org/377256.html
  2. Rec: Emptied, by ciceqi. Yami no Matsuei/KH2 xover, Hisoka/Tsuzuki and Axel, R. "Things will get better. I promise." is.gd/7C5cb
  3. Rec: Fedoras, by ciceqi. Kingdom Hearts, Axel/Roxas, NC17, omghotyay :D is.gd/7C7e9
  4. And that P.L.Nunn Laguna/Irvine pic. This one! Totally not worksafe, though. (and thus it was my background in college, lawlz) is.gd/7CcVb
  5. [re: FFVIII canon in KHII] @freosan May have found a fixit fic of some sort, post KH2? ciceqi.slashcity.com/XOwatch.html
  6. Thank you, Leslie! Reading: Edward Cullen is a Zebrafish, by Zarazia. Twilight/FFVII crack xover. www.fanfiction.net/s/5379066/1/
  7. Rec: The Plan: A KHII Fanfiction Paying Homage to Both FF7 and Clue, by lanerose. PG, humor. lanerose.livejournal.com/54685.html
  8. Rec: PFLAG, by harukami. Saiyuki, PG13, Gojyo and Dokugakuji get drunk together. harukami.livejournal.com/506779.html
  9. Rec: Janken, by peroxidepest17. Bleach, Chad/Ishida/Ichigo, PG, fluffy. www.fanfiction.net/s/2332931/1/
  10. Rec: A Step to the Left, by Anria. FFVII/FFVIII xover, PG13. areyougame.dreamwidth.org/9686.html
  11. Here, have some belated Valentine's Day art, a la Steve/Tony :DDD psychotricorder.livejournal.com/6398.html
  12. Only Good For Legends updated! Detective!Spock K/S AU, really fracking long chapters of awesome. leupagus.dreamwidth.org/13830.html
  13. Heh. Just read ciceqi's FFVII Anthro-verse, aka Cloud is a chocobo!boy whee~ bit.ly/bYEhlw have now read nearly all her ff stuff XD
  14. Oh, fun :D Reading: Three Hundred and Sixty-Four, by sardonicsmiley. SGA, Rodney/Ronon, NC17, marriage of convenience is.gd/8Evdr
  15. @KuriLu @skysailor99 ...I has zombie FFVII fic? Yes, with a zombie boyfriend, you have been warned: Disquiet, by ciceqi bit.ly/b25DkN
  16. O HAI GIZE LOOK SGA CRACKFIC: tbm.skilaatara.net/list_sga_strange.html
  17. Rec: But Where Would They Live, by thingswithwings. SGA crack, unicorn!Rodney/rainbow!John. is.gd/8Nhu2
  18. Tentacles? Tentacles! (yes I have a thing) (also it's Kat Reitz and Tzigane, so yay) Fic: The Upside of Having Wraith DNA is.gd/8NjZJ
  19. *snorts* OMG crack. ILU SGA FANDOM. Fic: Far Far Away, by astolat. SGA/American Idol RPF, R, Adam/John, John/Rodney. is.gd/8Rjpm
  20. Yay AC OT4 fixit fic -- which is complete! Fic: Another Chance, by GW Katrina. FFVII-AC alternate ending, S/C/A/Z, PG13. is.gd/8RLUy
  21. Reading: Without Fear, by Scala. The Sentinel, NC17, Jim/Blair, post-canon h/c romance longfic yay. is.gd/99LyR
  22. Reading: Downloaded (series), by ennyousai. New!Trek/BSG 2003, R, Kirk/Cylon!McCoy. ennyousai-fic.livejournal.com/11069.html
  23. Rec: Loserville, by shrift. BtVS, Xander/Spike, NC17, humor. (4th season fic) bifictionalbedlam.slashcity.net/shrift/loserville.html
  24. Reading: Wake Up, by Viridian5. Saiyuki (future incarnations), R, teenage!psychic!Sanzo. viridian.shriftweb.org/gs_wake-up.htm
  25. More tentacle pr0n! Even more blatantly penis-substitutes this time! Fic: A Lover's Embrace, by mckays_girl. SGA, R/J. bit.ly/9q53kn
  26. Rec: Want, by emungere. Saiyuki (post-Minus Wave), NC17, Hakkai/Gojyo, dubcon, vines. emungere.livejournal.com/227889.html
  27. Rec: Familiarity, by emungere. Saiyuki, NC17, Gojyo/Hakkai/Jeep, bodyswitching, xeno, eeee! emungere.livejournal.com/216223.html
  28. Totally setting my homescreen to this NSFW Steve/Tony hotness for the weekend. Guh. bit.ly/cUDWTW
  29. Rec: A Distant Utopia, by shrift. The Authority, R, Apollo/Midnighter. bifictionalbedlam.slashcity.net/shrift/distantutopia.html
  30. Reading: Dodge-town, by shrift. Batman, NC17, Dick/Tim, sex pollen. bifictionalbedlam.slashcity.net/shrift/dodge-town.html
  31. Rec: Blind Date, by shrift. Teen Titans, X, Kon/Tim. "Kon has a crisis. Tim wears pajamas." bit.ly/a51fyB
  32. Fic: Never-Ever Land, by shrift. BtVS, X, Spike/Xander, pretty much sex-pollen fic :D bit.ly/a5Ge9K
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backdated and x-posed from lj

  1. Rec: Sensory Perception. Written for cap_ironman fic exchange. Steve/Tony, PG13, fluff, tactile. is.gd/5HNGF #
  2. Btw guys, since I'm so behind in fic reccing... Check out the stories at sga_santa: bit.ly/84jaqt Haven't met a story I didn't like. #
  3. I've also been reading noelia_g's fic, and loving it-- wonderful Batman (Nolan) fic. noelia-g.livejournal.com #
  4. So, last night I was linked to "Close To Home", a long Superboy fic by iesika, and I want more. is.gd/5OvAB #
  5. Thank you, epic_recs. Off to bed, with fic in hand. Night all~ community.livejournal.com/epic_recs/tag/pairing:+kon-el/tim+drake #
  6. May have been the cause of my strange dreams. Was I /really/ dating a hs student? Then again, that could also be explained by nuTrek fic, lol. WHALES!!! Rec: you used to be able to fall off the edge of the world, here, by raphaela667. Nu!Trek AU, Kirk and Sulu save the whales, Sulu's life is ruined, and Pavel makes the coffee.,, Kirk/Spock, R/NC17. raphaela667.dreamwidth.org/41695.html #
  7. @sinistra_blache Speak of the devil... someone just posted their NaNo, which is vampire!Tony? Haven't read yet, but... Rec: Dying for a Drink, by tsukinofaerii. Ultimates, Tony/Steve, vampires, NC17. is.gd/6RVov
  8. Rec: Getting Educated, by tyleet27. New!Trek AU, K/S, NC17. (underage sex, teacher/student romance) is.gd/7hUoG #
  9. Rec: An Exploding Cigar We Willingly Smoke, by tyleet27. Buffy, R, comics!spoilers, Buffy/Spike/Angel. is.gd/7hYbJ #
  10. Okay, so transferring my antsy energy into Cloud's panicky Trooper mindset is....interesting. Reading FFVII fic: Mistletiptoe, by chibirisuchan. FFVII, kinda Zack/Cloud/Sephiroth, PG. is.gd/7i7t7 #




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