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Have decided to backdate-crosspost my fic links from Twitter. Usually, you can find links as I post them at http://twitter.com/feikoi/favorites, but I've been trying to collate them on Livejournal, and now that I'm actually posting on Dreamwidth, here too.

To start, here are the March 2010 fic links:
  1. Rec: A Distant Utopia, by shrift. The Authority, R, Apollo/Midnighter. bifictionalbedlam.slashcity.net/shrift/distantutopia.html 
  2. Reading: Dodge-town, by shrift. Batman, NC17, Dick/Tim, sex pollen. bifictionalbedlam.slashcity.net/shrift/dodge-town.html 
  3. Rec: Blind Date, by shrift. Teen Titans, X, Kon/Tim. "Kon has a crisis. Tim wears pajamas." bit.ly/a51fyB 
  4. Fic: Never-Ever Land, by shrift. BtVS, X, Spike/Xander, pretty much sex-pollen fic :D bit.ly/a5Ge9K
  5. @sinistra_blache Buried in my favorites, but were-Zelenka is...scroll down to Moonlight series: gila.faking-sanity.net/stargate.html
  6. Reading: Back to the Garden: Eden 2.0, by ciceqi. Good Omens, Houseplants/Crowley, R, #tentacles. bit.ly/aXQxpp
  7. And sequel! Back to the Garden: Ropes and Snares. Aziraphale/Houseplants/Crowley, R, #tentacles ciceqi.slashcity.com/GOgarden02.html
  8. Read: Birds of a Feather, by Evan Nicholas. CSI, PG, lab ensemble, geekery :D community.livejournal.com/csi_lab_rats/6273.html
  9. Rec: First Things First, by Dira Sudis. CSI, Nick/Grissom, PG, oblivious cuteness. dira.ficlaundering.com/csi/first.html
  10. Reading: How Much String is in the World. Who Has it. by someinstant. DCU, R, Dick+alcohol. LOL someinstant.livejournal.com/2585.html
  11. Rec: California Dreaming, by daegaer. Good Omens/Buffy, PG13, gen. daegaer.livejournal.com/19996.html
  12. Rec: the sound of one hand clapping, by Gale. Firefly/SG1, PG, ascended!Wash :D iphignia939.livejournal.com/197480.html
  13. Rec: Harry Potter and the Improbable Use of Chaos Theory, by debchan. HP/Discworld, PG13, crack! debchan.livejournal.com/130215.html
  14. Rec: The Things We Did and Didn't Do, by siraeve. SGA/Iron Man (film), R, Rodney and Tony. siriaeve.unrealwords.com/thingswedid.html
  15. Rec: Paparazzo, by basingstroke. Iron Man/Spiderman (films), R, Tony/Peter. basingstoke.livejournal.com/361950.html
  16. Reading: Hero, by Perry Moore. Just picked this up from the post office this evening, and liking it so far. Last book (Beige) was a dud.
    1. I could stay up all night reading this. Hmm.
    2. So, apparently I did stay up to read it. Total rec, guys -- if you haven't read Hero (by Perry Moore) yet, you should. Melikes.
  17. anyone's interested, noelia_g has posted up a fanvid recs list here: noelia-g.livejournal.com/339962.html
  18. Reading: Going Home, by daegaer. Good Omens. Heaven recalls Aziraphale. daegaer.livejournal.com/32277.html
  19. Rec: Contemporay Magical Innovations by H. Granger, by kai. HP, Snarry, NC17, non-HBP-compliant futurefic. bit.ly/aNJtrq
  20. Rec: Sheppard's Law of Martyrdom, by pir8fancier. SGA (post-season), R, Rodney/Jennifer, Rodney/John. bit.ly/cWQsp8
  21. Rec: Long Way Home, by jezebel_rising. New!Trek, R, pre-slash K/S, past child abuse, angst. jezebel-rising.livejournal.com/45765.html
  22. @baileychelle Here's a link to Wide Open Ocean, the sga aquarium au fic setissma.livejournal.com/tag/wide+open+ocean
  23. Reading: Bird of Prey, by CollaneR. Batman (Nolanverse), R, Jim/Bruce, epic length. www.fanfiction.net/s/5700315/1/Bird_of_Prey
  24. Rec: through the holes in your veins, by noelia_g. The Dark Knight, NC17. Jim Gordon only knows Batman by touch. is.gd/aYkAI
  25. Rec: a cold throne, by ciceqi. FFXII post-game, Larsa character study. tsukinofaerii.dreamwidth.org/199894.html
  26. Rec: Besieging Omelas, by Gehayi. Dresden Files/Hellblazer, PG13, Dresden/Marcone. bit.ly/aSPYCN
  27. RT @Lizfu twitpic.com/1bsq1a - Painted for my BFF for her birthday. Bad Dresden Files fanart of Marcone princess carrying Harry.//:D

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 Most of what I've listed on Twitter can be found on my favorites page there. I really should start cataloguing on del.icio.us, since the tagging format is ideal, but... its rather overwhelming to consider the tens of thousands of fics I have squirrelled away on my computer. Hmm.

Anyway, links crossposted to LJ in Nov-Dec 2009! Will get around to the other ones in a bit.

  1. Rec: Mr Rock and Roll, by torakowalski. Die Hard 4, McClane/Farrell, NC17. is.gd/5oEyq #
  2. Everything Changes (And you gotta be ready). #sga_santa Sheppard goes missing & Rodney moves heaven & earth to find him. is.gd/5CIKx #


  1. @Blue_Rose_ Yayayay Ichigo/Renji! Is totally what I like to read, but as a picky reader... *sigh* Read Insomnia, by SilverKytten. (wip) bit.ly/KRluH #
  2. Rec: A Kind of Magic, by selinamoonfire. Star Trek AU, Kirk/Bones, PG13, fairytale. selinashideaway.livejournal.com/9957.html #
  3. Reading: Seascape, by rip_the_tide. ST:IX AU, R, Spock/McCoy. Welcome aboard the pirate ship Enterprise. :D is.gd/4QWfN #
  4. Rec: Two Gorram Days and sequels, by Dyce. Firefly, Jayne/River, becomes AU, PG13/R. bit.ly/1t41VJ #
  5. Read: With Such a Sky to Lead Him On, by thistlerose. ST:IX, Kirk/Bones, PG13. Poetry and an English honeymoon. is.gd/4VwSE #
  6. Reading: Champions, by Sleeps with Coyotes. FF7, Cid/Vincent. Well, I can think of one problem with damage-based limits.. is.gd/4VQSa #
  7. Reading: Love is Strange, by garryowen. Art by @vejiicakes. ST:XI, Kirk/Spock, NC17, Dirty Dancing redux. is.gd/4WLfo #
  8. Reading: The Quiet Sound of Thunder, by fortassetu. Art by glockgal. ST:XI, Kirk/Bones, Spock/Uhura, NC17, vampires. is.gd/4WLah #
  9. Reading: Oublier, by batmanboxers. Art by davincis_girl, fanmix by cybermathwitch. STXI, K/S, R, amnesia!fic. is.gd/4WLTy #
  10. Rec: Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit, by lazulisong. STXI, gen, PG13. It really does take a village to raise a Jim. is.gd/4XVHx #
  11. Holy crap, SGA/Hellblazer fic? And its by Kat Reitz and perryvic? Fic: Mercy of the Fallen. McKay/Sheppard/Beckett, NC17 is.gd/52zQH #
  12. Reading: Something Most Odd, by Harper. Wicked, Galinda/Elphaba, PG15. ralst.com/SomethingMostOdd.HTM #
  13. @skysailor99 BTW, did you know that there was an update for Howling? (or, well, the next in the series) is.gd/55tDV #
  14. Rec: The Long Engagement, by omg wtf yeah. SGA Big Bang fic, steampunk!Atlantis + circus AU, McShep, NC17. is.gd/55Ji8 #




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