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So. GISHWHES is over, and I didn't get to submit my lovely Last Supper picture. So you guys get to see it! (Submitted items aren't allowed to be reposted -- yet. I think.)

136. Action figures/superheroes set up to resemble “The Last Supper. ” (18 points)

In addition to that, there were so many random things I sent in. I'm hoping all of them counted, but there are a few that are iffy.
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Now that GISHWHES is over, I can a) sleep and b) catch up on #fanservices stuff. Sorry I'm so behind, guys! I will be attending Comiket 81 -- more details here.
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Have submitted two items so far, and have another three possibles kinda ready? Seriously, the item list is ridiculous. Really really.

Who wants to help out? XD

In other news... who am I kidding, there is no other news. Other than somewhat old cosplay pix, cuz I don't think I've actually posted these yet!

Renji: Halloween party pix, both at school and not. I think you'll be able to tell :P
The wig doesn't spike nearly as much as it could, but that's intentional, as I wanted to be able to switch between up and down styles without too much pain.

Gaara: wig progress and make-up practice.
OH NOES NO BROWS )__________________
But seriously, if you have any original fills or ideas on how to accomplish some of those items, and don't mind me submitting them for Team #67, I'll gladly take them. You can reach me at feikoi [at] gmail.com.
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 So, uh, yeah, I've signed up for #GISHWHES, aka that massive ridiculous scavenger hunt Misha Collins is promoting. And the wait is fucking killing me. where's my team emaaaaaaaaaaaail





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