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Yeah, so I've been filling up my sketchbook pretty steadily while at school. Sometimes, it's because I have a lot of downtime and no internet, and sometimes it's because I like to show off for the kids. (Yes, the elementary school kids. Shuddup.)

Anyway, I keep hearing, Sensei, who's this, what character, for all my fashion sketches, as well as repeated requests for Draw X! And I'll be the first to admit, I'm really not practiced at drawing anything but clothing, so. I've been practicing.

i never said i was good yet -- wips below the cut )

I like Renji. I like drawing Renji (and his tattoos). I should probably get better at drawing in general though.

Reminder: I'm running a Comiket 80 pick-up service -- more details here!


May. 25th, 2011 09:52 pm
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Update! I'm in the process of moving my sales stuff over to a new comm on LJ. I'll add a link here on DW once it's ready. 

Hey guys, [personal profile] feikoi here, with yet another post on my services. Hopefully, for those of you interested in purchasing doujinshi (fan comics) and other goods in Japan through me, this will make navigating my journal a bit easier! I live in Tokyo, and collect doujinshi myself, so I've started offering shopping services and event pick-up services for people outside Japan. Let me know if I can help you! 

GCC18 pick-up service now live! Deadline August 26th EST. Details here!

First up, let's look at what's currently on offer:
Comiket 80 pick-up service August 12-14
Trial run -- Online shopping service Available until the end of June

Got any questions? Head on over to the FAQ page. It's currently focused on my pick-up services, but I'll be expanding it as I go.

Wanna see what people have said about my services? Check out the feedback page.

You can also contact me off LiveJournal by email: feikoi AT gmail DOT com. Feel free to follow my Twitter account, too!

I use the tag system -- for further related posts, you might want to look through event and shopping service.

Here, you can find my public event calendar. Know about an event in the greater Tokyo area? Let me know! No guarantees I'll be able to make it, but I'd appreciate the info. (Personally, my doujinshi collection leans towards Bleach, SPN, Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts, Saiyuki, and a few other fandoms, so if you hear about those... *__*)
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I will be offering doujinshi for auction at [info]help_japan . Bidding goes through 3/31. Get doujinshi for a good cause! Here are the titles as I list them:

月光 (Moonlight), by Soul Guardian. Bleach, Ichigo/Renji, tentacles, R20. Starting bid $10.

Dead Star EndDEAD STAR END!!!, by Yellow Hacker and Sonic. Bleach ensemble. Starting bid $6.

Gemeinschaft, by Westgate. SPN, Cas + Sam/Dean, starting bid $10. http://bit.ly/fjVYcH 

Please follow the links to bid!
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 In furiosity's post, it was commented that Japan's disaster preparedness is really well put together. And it is. 

It really is amazing to see it in action. I work in the public schools in west Tokyo, and was in class today when the earthquake happened. It all went down just like the few earthquake drills I had seen -- kids immediately stopped the game they were playing to listen to the teacher and get under the tables. (The title of this post comes from the few minutes we had left of our lesson before the period was up. The homeroom teacher and I just looked at each other like, whaddwedonow? I led off with that comment. His sixth graders are pretty good. Then I mentioned how surprising it was for me -- as it was for them -- but especially because in Florida? No earthquakes. Hurricanes and tornadoes, but the earthquake thing just engenders this sense of disbelief when it happens...) During the aftershocks, they were all good about having their head protection on and going out to the field by class to wait for their parents to come. There wasn't any damage in my area that I'm aware of, but it was really disconcerting to have such strong tremors for several minutes. Seeing the footage later in the disaster areas, especially of the tsunami, was utterly... unreal. Terrifying. I could have been there, had I taken a different position when I came to Japan. I was first offered a position in Sendai before accepting another -- the big city in that area, home to the airport flooded by the tsunami. 

One of the musicians I follow on twitter, along with a few others, have been retweeting information about where to seek shelter in Tokyo if you've been stranded by the train service, and how to find out information about loved ones in Japan. Cell service is down (as well as gas in a lot of areas), but you can access the internet from most cell phones just fine, making Facebook a portal many people -- including the American military -- have been using to update each other on locations and such. Gotta love the information age. I myself am typing from a private booth in an internet cafe, where I was just awoken from a catnap in my recliner from an earthquake alert on my phone. 

Couldn't make it home, obviously, so I've spent the night here. Train tracks in Tokyo are labeled as under maintenance by the JR-East website, and I'm hoping they'll start running soon. Safe and sound here, if inconvenienced. (Worried about the state of my apartment -- and hoping that my fish has survived....)

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So that was fun.

As I may have mentioned before, I won tickets to Tokyo Game Show, which has been described to me as the Japanese equivalent of E3. My main interest in it was cosplaying, as per usual, so for the past few weeks I was slowly (very slowly) constructing the jacket for Perrine-H. Clostermann of Strike Witches.

Here's a reference:
reference pic

My friend had decided to cosplay Mio Sakamoto, the one in white, and so suggested that I do Perrine so we matched. :D Of course, I spent all of the Saturday before doing the finishing work -- attaching the sleeves and collar, making the button panel, hemming, buying and sewing on the buttons and hooks-and-eyes, handsewing the trim...I was up to almost two a.m. handsewing, ugh. Fortunately, all of the other parts of the cosplay I had already gathered, and they didn't require sewing.

The result:
Photo from E's camera )

There were some things that don't match up perfectly (sleeve trim not doubled, the bangs still don't quite match my hair, I didn't put a hook on the last button, my eyes are blue, the ears are pink: though that's cuz my friend gave them to me when we met up that day, and so I had no way -- and no references -- to change them), but overall, I'm pretty damn proud of how this turned out! (It's turned out a lot better in photos than my previous cosplays, so I'm happy~) I kinda want to do this outfit again, though I think it would be great if we could get more people to join in for next time. Also, I need to work on posing!

Summary of the day: E and I met up after I ran to the bank and grabbed breakfast, then we headed to the event. We skipped ahead to pick up the tickets, then waited in line -- for an hour! -- to get inside. Then we had to find the changing room, and wait in line there for a long while... Most (including us) were doing our makeup in line. After that, we moved to the cosplay area, hung out there for a few hours posing for pictures, ran into people from E's work (my old job) who were supposed to meet us there, and made use of my new "business cards" for cosplaying. Whee! Then we grabbed food, met up with some friends, wandered back to the cosplay area, and grabbed a game of Marvel vs. Capcom 3! That was really really fun, as it hit all of my geeky comic book nerd buttons.

Have since gotten an email from one of the photographers, Norik, so here's a pic he took!
Photo by Norik )
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So, I've been applying for jobs here in Japan. My current contract is up at the end of the month, and then I'll be in Austria on vacation, and back in Japan just a few days before my work visa expires -- stupid one year visa.

Have gone to one interview so far, though I haven't heard back from them in a while, and I'm in communication with/have interviews scheduled for three other positions. Some of them are eikaiwa schools, while others are ALT placement companies. To be honest, the ALT jobs look more enticing, but I'm nervous about learning a whole new job style and facing large classrooms. Ack. Pay-wise, there's this part-time ALT position that pays more for 15 days a month than I get now, which would be nice, but it means working at a high school. And I'm barely out of school myself. And did I mention the class sizes?

Anyway. That's my excuse for not posting for a while. I have found a few more tentacle recs to add, and I'll eventually start my next rec list, for either domestic!WAFF fic or epic-length recs (by my definition, which is usually a minimum of eighty thousand words -- I read really effing fast). I tend to be a lurker in fandom, and I'm trying to change that. Sigh.
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As I sit here typing this entry, a cool breeze is blowing through my apartment -- rainy season here in Japan is to start next week or so. But that's not why I had an awesome day, though the not-sweltering weather probably contributed.

Today was Super Diner, a Supernatural-only fan event in Tokyo. Last week I had gone to a similarly advertised event, for Final Fantasy 7, which was a bit small and quiet (though had awesome cosplayers), so I wasn't expecting too much from this event.  I headed out a bit before noon, to arrive halfway through the event.

Which was AMAZING.

This event was definitely bigger than I had anticipated, though still Japanese-style and thus entirely composed of what we call Artist's Alley in American conventions I've been to. It was... probably comparable to the Artist's Alley at AWA, size-wise. Anyway. Walked in to this lovely sight: <a href="http://s271.photobucket.com/albums/jj136/feikoi/Japan/?action=view&current=CA3D0073.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i271.photobucket.com/albums/jj136/feikoi/Japan/th_CA3D0073.jpg" border="0" alt="10.6.13 SuperDiner" ></a>

And after getting my little wristband (one of those rubber ones: yay souvenir!), I wandered around a bit. I was kinda being my quiet awkward self as I often am in social situations like, well, happens a lot in Japan, with the language barrier. (I can speak some, I can understand more, but I get easily flustered.) Bought doujinshi -- like lots of it. Yeah.

And then I found someone who had the Supernatural prequel comics at her table. The official, English ones published by Wildstorm? Damn was that an icebreaker. So I stood there, reading all four issues she had, and another girl had come up and was reading them after I finished each one, lol. Apparently the woman had bought them through auctions, but she said that they have them on Amazon, too. So, yes, mental barrier broken!

I then proceeded to wander more, shop more, and chat more. Got a free poster from one artist after it had fallen and I picked it up for her, and commented it was cute. Got stopped by one seller who said she was going to Vancouver in August for a Supernatural convention there! She was really excited -- so would I. So cool! And she spoke a little English after my Japanese came out all broken (I always get tripped up by past time phrases -- I'm starting to hate answering "When did you come to Japan?"). And then I went to another table, and the artist's friend who was hanging out with her was pretty comfortable with attempting English, at least, and so we were chatting half English, half Japanese, about the show and fandom. (By the way, internet, what is this about Misha milk-drinking pictures being posted on Twitter? They couldn't remember the account name, but then they asked their neighbor who said (in good English!) that I could find it on the SuperWiki. When Twitter resumes service, I will be going through twitter.com/mishacollins) They had a lot of questions -- did guys like the show in America too, or was is mainly a girl fanbase? Was there western fanart/comics, or mainly fanfic? Like that. It was fun to talk about, though I'm definitely not fully in the fandom, so it was difficult to answer sometimes. Heck, I only watched the first three episodes yesterday!

And the next table I went to, another fan started chatting with me in very very good English. Turned out she went to university in England. (Crap, I can't remember her name! ;;) And yeah. So I had a lot of fun talking to people. Got a few free things when I commented on how cute they were -- it was the end of the day, and I wonder if part of it was because of being a token foreigner there. Some people wondered how I had heard about the event -- I think they were expecting "the Internet", but I never would have known this existed had I not picked up the event flyer back at December's Comiket.

Really happy I decided to go.

On my way back to the station, I passed the Edo Museum (but decided to save that for another time), and stopped for cheap kitsune soba. Mmm, kistune-style.... And then at the station, on a neighboring platform, there was a taiko drumming performance going on. I happened to be standing next to a few other foreigners, and the leader/teacher guy called us over from across the tracks. Eventually found where the entrance was, and went to watch. Apparently, they were from a taiko-drumming school, and half of them were Westerners! The teacher/leader dude was doing things at least mostly bilingually, and dude, it was so awesome, I want to do that too! So I think, if I remain in the Kanto area, I have a new hobby. <a href="http://s271.photobucket.com/albums/jj136/feikoi/Japan/?action=view&current=CA3D0074.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i271.photobucket.com/albums/jj136/feikoi/Japan/CA3D0074.jpg" border="0" alt="10.6.13 Taiko"></a>

So. Assuming you got this far...

I have to move soon, but I keep buying stuff. A LOT of fan stuff. I'm kinda a compulsive shopper at conventions. Now, I'm not looking to get rid of it all, but if anyone is interested in fan merchandise for Supernatural, Final Fantasy 7, Bleach, or other series... well. I'll probably be putting up a sales post sometime. (Mostly doujinshi, but also things like calendars and other random shit.)




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