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Going ahead and forward dating this, because I am fidgity and apparently must stay up to 3am if I get around to blogging.

April 2010 fic (and other fannish) links
  1. Omg that was so cute! Katsubou no Manazashi, by Takarai Saki. BL manga, link here community.livejournal.com/afascinante/81792.html
  2. Rec via @KuriLu: A Girl and her Tentacle Monster, by Naomi Libicki. Original short story, R, space and tentacles! is.gd/bfyC3
  3. Rodney McKay - California Institute of Technology bit.ly/cWEfsE [for "Bellcurve"]
  4. In other news which may make your fandom heart pitterpatter, check out this site for Stark Expo 2010!www.starkexpo2010.com/
  5. Ooo, found more tentacle fic here: mystiri-1.livejournal.com/tag/kink:%20tentacles
  6. How did I miss this? thx @ajafair Cool Blue Reason, by blue_soaring. Iron Man (movie), Tony/Jarvis, X, tentacles. is.gd/bfMJE
  7. Reading: The Crown of the Summer Court, by astolat. Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, X, elves. is.gd/bldlX
  8. Aaaaand now I'm reading AI zombie!fic. How did this happen? www.intimations.org/fanfic/idol/House%20of%20the%20Living.shtml
  9. To read: The Pause That Refreshes, by Te. DCU, NC17, slash. "Alternate Summary: Celibacy Cat hates Teland." is.gd/blp39
  10. To read: The More We Get Together, by Te. DCU, NC17. "Summary: Titans Together, and then some." 16 [sex] scenes. is.gd/blp8p
  11. Annnnnd going through this rec page, then to curl up in bed and read and read and read.mfsd.talkoncorners.net/smallvillerecs.htm
  12. And Then Ed Took a Level in Badass, art by jeredu (commentfic by joisbishmyoga). My title/spoilers: FULLMETAL TENTACLES http://bit.ly/dzzLHz
  13. http://jeredulevenin.livejournal.com -- jeredu did the FMA!tentacle I linked recently, and this Zack/Cloudhttp://is.gd/bvszX
  14. JereduLevenin also apparently did fanart for JoIsBishMyoga's "The Best Defense". You know, that awesome HP/YYH xover? http://is.gd/bvtxA
  15. @sinistra_blache Getting closer... Here's a Tony/Jack and Nathan/Jack fic http://serene-quill.dreamwidth.org/16423.html
  16. @sinistra_blache @Needs_Coffee Aaand this one's labeled as pre-slash and incest! Go kinkmeme! Tony/Nathan, rated T 4now http://bit.ly/anKsQl
  17. Rec: Change of Plans, by ponderosa and blue_soaring. Sherlock Holmes, H/W, NC17, with art! http://blue-soaring.dreamwidth.org/204349.html
  18. I'm a bad, horrible person and all, looking for Hagrid fic. I blame [personal profile] ponderosa and her very NSFW Hagrid/Draco pic here http://bit.ly/9A4tus
  19. Rec: In Between Days, by atrata. HP, AmbiguouslyTrustworthy!SS/ClinicallyDepressed!HP, NC17. dubcon, chan. Hot&twisted. http://bit.ly/9A4tus And long. Really long and ambiguous and the depression depiction hit me really really hard and god that was amazing.
  20. Rec: Little Deaths, by [personal profile] schmevil. Avengers, Steve/Tony, NC17. kink. Links at top of posthttp://schmevil.dreamwidth.org/209924.html
  21. Aaa, what else have I been reading lately? A bunch of stuff off of my tentacles list, notably the gaidencraft series by [personal profile] ciceqi....
  22. Rec: Care of Magical Creatures, by Bernice Russell. HP, Hagrid/Snape, NC17, courtship.http://members.ozemail.com.au/~brussell/comc.htm
  23. Rec: Persuasive, by mystiri_1[personal profile] mystiri_1. FF7, Reno/Cloud, PG, 5 times Reno tries to get Cloud on a date. http://mystiri-1.dreamwidth.org/42451.html
  24. Rec: Housewarming, by Harukami and Whitecat. FMA, Roy/Ed, NC17. Probably already recced, but am cracking up as I reread http://bit.ly/b394Ta
  25. BWAHAHAHAHA! Rec: Hatched, by mystiri_1. FF7, G, Zack/Cloud. Chocobos. http://mystiri-1.dreamwidth.org/17852.html

(btw, let me know if something doesn't match up here -- the dw editor seems to be eating text between two user-name tags on occasion...)


Apr. 18th, 2010 02:55 am
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UPDATED 2010.05.09
Fic links: 76; Art links: 14; unsorted archive sites: 6

So, I remember mentioning somewhere that my first post on dreamwidth would be a compilation of tentacle stories I've read and enjoyed over the years (ye gods, has it been that long?). These tentacles take on different forms -- from plants, to additional limbs, to tentacle monsters, to tattoos -- and different levels of smut involved as well. But without further ado...

Note: I'm a little iffy on rating systems, so I'm going with T=PG+=SFW, M=R=NSFW, X=NC17=NSFW here. YMMV.
Note the second: # marks the stories I haven't read myself yet, probably a) I am coding this first and reading fics later, or b) because I am not in the fandom -- not that that will likely stop me for long.

Devil May Cry
Doctor Who/Torchwood
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy X
  • Mating Season, by white_aster. X, Marlboro/Auron (also with Jecht and Braska XD)!

Full Metal Alchemist
  • Experimental, by jeredu. ART, G. Ed's been changed into a chimera...
  • [personal profile] ponderosa apparently has ART for this category. Pester me until I find it, if it looks like I got distracted.
  • Return, by hopechan. X, and uh... well, here are the author's warnings: "Well, it'd be quicker to put what you won't find (e.g., puppies, rainbows, happiness), but...Squick, tentacles, rape, incest, pedophilia, pedophilic incest, sadism, bondage, Shou Tucker. He deserves a warning unto himself." #
  • Delictio: Cupiditas, by lykomancer. X, Envy/Sloth. #
  • Icarus, by velvet_mace. X, Gate/Envy. Spoilers (ep51), torture, rape, tentacles (of course!) #
  • Horribly, Horribly Wrong, by [personal profile] cypher. Sloth/Psiren, noncon. #
  • State Secrets, by [personal profile] cypher. Sloth/Archer. #

Good Omens
Harry Potter
Iron Man (movie)
Kingdom Hearts
Marvel Comics (finally!)
  • Injukyoshi, by astolat. Merlin/Arthur, referenced Arthur/Tentacle monster, X.
  • Tentacles, by Franzi. Merlin/Tentacle monster, Arthur/Merlin, X.

  • Written on the Skin, by emungere. Hakkai/Gojyo, X. More tattoos than tentacles, but when Hakkai's tattoos are involved...
  • Want, by emungere. Hakkai/Gojyo, X. Again with the tattoo!tentacles :D
    • Inspired by indelicateink's ART.
  • Entanglements, by Vathara. Hakkai/Sanzo, T. As usual with Vathara's fic, really awesome conceptual stuff /and/ writing.

Sherlock Holmes
Star Trek
Weiss Kreuz
  • Unstained, by emungere. X, Yohji/Aya, Masafumi/Aya (sort of).

Other miscellaneous fandoms
Original fiction
  • A Girl and her Tentacle Monster, by Naomi Libicki. Original short story, R, space and tentacles! http://is.gd/bfyC3

Other Art Stuff! (aka PICSPAM TIEMZ)
Other misc. links

pages of tentacle fics I have yet to go through:
http://asylums.insanejournal.com/takoyaoi_love/ ***working on it, 04.14
[personal profile] anyssia's tentacle bookmarks on delicious!
Tentacle tag on AO3
Tentacle tag on kink_bingo

locked posts - to get more info on later from laylah's memories
locked links here )

Note: Omigawd *stabbitystabstabs dreamwidth* The entry editor keeps bugging out and reformatting and deleting shit. *stabs* Now using Notepad2 to edit html directly. Oh, nostalgia.




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