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So that was fun.

As I may have mentioned before, I won tickets to Tokyo Game Show, which has been described to me as the Japanese equivalent of E3. My main interest in it was cosplaying, as per usual, so for the past few weeks I was slowly (very slowly) constructing the jacket for Perrine-H. Clostermann of Strike Witches.

Here's a reference:
reference pic

My friend had decided to cosplay Mio Sakamoto, the one in white, and so suggested that I do Perrine so we matched. :D Of course, I spent all of the Saturday before doing the finishing work -- attaching the sleeves and collar, making the button panel, hemming, buying and sewing on the buttons and hooks-and-eyes, handsewing the trim...I was up to almost two a.m. handsewing, ugh. Fortunately, all of the other parts of the cosplay I had already gathered, and they didn't require sewing.

The result:
Photo from E's camera )

There were some things that don't match up perfectly (sleeve trim not doubled, the bangs still don't quite match my hair, I didn't put a hook on the last button, my eyes are blue, the ears are pink: though that's cuz my friend gave them to me when we met up that day, and so I had no way -- and no references -- to change them), but overall, I'm pretty damn proud of how this turned out! (It's turned out a lot better in photos than my previous cosplays, so I'm happy~) I kinda want to do this outfit again, though I think it would be great if we could get more people to join in for next time. Also, I need to work on posing!

Summary of the day: E and I met up after I ran to the bank and grabbed breakfast, then we headed to the event. We skipped ahead to pick up the tickets, then waited in line -- for an hour! -- to get inside. Then we had to find the changing room, and wait in line there for a long while... Most (including us) were doing our makeup in line. After that, we moved to the cosplay area, hung out there for a few hours posing for pictures, ran into people from E's work (my old job) who were supposed to meet us there, and made use of my new "business cards" for cosplaying. Whee! Then we grabbed food, met up with some friends, wandered back to the cosplay area, and grabbed a game of Marvel vs. Capcom 3! That was really really fun, as it hit all of my geeky comic book nerd buttons.

Have since gotten an email from one of the photographers, Norik, so here's a pic he took!
Photo by Norik )

my life

Sep. 11th, 2010 01:14 pm
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So, apparently I cannot be relied upon to regularly blog, like many other things in my life (you don't call, you don't write...). I am trying to post semi-regularly on Twitter, but that's easier to do from my phone than, say, encode a full links post. Sigh.

Next weekend is Tokyo Game Show -- yes, another convention -- and I won tickets for it! Woot! I'll be cosplaying Perrine-H. Clostermann of Strike Witches. No, I've never watched the show, though apparently it involves flying magical catgirls based loosely on old military aircraft. With no pants.


But a friend is cosplaying Mio Sakamoto from the same series, and thus, I have a cosplay partner! I really miss doing group cosplay. When I went to cons stateside, I would usually work on a group costume with my friends or the extended UF campus cosplay group, and it makes for much more amusing photoshoots.

I still need to make Perrine's jacket/dress-thing. I've been putting it off because, well, that's what I do, and I'm afraid of cutting it wrong or some such. I'm loosely basing it off of a shirt pattern in the recent Gosu Rori mook, but as I'm using a heavier fabric and my waist is a little lower than GR patterns usually draft for.... I miss having my dressform. Things were so much easier then.

Now its time for me to stop faffing about on the [stolen] internet, and get cracking on that costume!




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