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Back from GCC18!  
Summary: In which I spend way, way too much money.

Today's outfit
because this seems to be a tradtion of mine by now )

Decided to eat breakfast just as my alarm to go sounded, so I arrived a little later than originally planned. Still, made it in line at around 10:30 or so -- doors opened at 11. There was a line-up, but it was all inside. (Small favors -- it's air conditioned in the event halls, not between them. Sigh.)

I made my way over to the Hero Live! event booths first, and picked up two towel sets. One for me, and one for...actually, not sure. I have two friends here who I've hooked on Tiger&Bunny. It's also possible that it will go up for raffle at some point... ^^

In addition, Hero Live was doing a paper rally, with the prize being a set of 20 postcards by various artists. I managed to score four sets. You see, apparently you were only supposed to get one, or was it one at a time...so I went back several times. I had enough flyers for another two sets by the end of the event, but they had run out by then...*sadface* In any case, one set went to my friend when I visited her table to chat -- she's a Bleach artist, @namihebi00 on twitter. Another set is reserved to my friend who couldn't make it today, because she just bought the cutest Maine coon kitten ever, and thus had no money, lol. The last extra may go to my other T&B friend...

So, yeah. Paper rally. Meant collecting 5 info flyers from the participating circles. Which were a lot. (Not all 800, but a fair portion...) I started out today with about Y60,000, and now have about Y15,000. In USD, that's almost $600 spent. Granted, a lot were for clients, but if I'm being honest, probably less than half. *shakes head*

My weakness? GOODS. ALL THE GOODS. I several phone straps, including those screen-wiping ones, and postcards, and a clear document case, and the aforementioned towels... I managed to keep myself from buying all the pins, but it was close. (And this is on top of the fans and the goods purchased at GO NEXT!...)


(I'm not used to so many fan goods for my fandom, it's awesome and also a little terrifying for my bank account.)

In addition to everything Tiger and Bunny, I also grabbed a Bleach book, a FMA book, and...*thinks*...oh, right, those little penguin goods you can see in the picture! So adorable.

So pretty much, that was my day. How was yours?

(Kind of want to go down the street for ramen now, but I should save my money, shouldn't I...)




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