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2011-06-25 07:51 pm
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otaku at work? sure why not

Yeah, so I've been filling up my sketchbook pretty steadily while at school. Sometimes, it's because I have a lot of downtime and no internet, and sometimes it's because I like to show off for the kids. (Yes, the elementary school kids. Shuddup.)

Anyway, I keep hearing, Sensei, who's this, what character, for all my fashion sketches, as well as repeated requests for Draw X! And I'll be the first to admit, I'm really not practiced at drawing anything but clothing, so. I've been practicing.

i never said i was good yet -- wips below the cut )

I like Renji. I like drawing Renji (and his tattoos). I should probably get better at drawing in general though.

Reminder: I'm running a Comiket 80 pick-up service -- more details here!
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2011-05-25 09:52 pm


Update! I'm in the process of moving my sales stuff over to a new comm on LJ. I'll add a link here on DW once it's ready. 

Hey guys, [personal profile] feikoi here, with yet another post on my services. Hopefully, for those of you interested in purchasing doujinshi (fan comics) and other goods in Japan through me, this will make navigating my journal a bit easier! I live in Tokyo, and collect doujinshi myself, so I've started offering shopping services and event pick-up services for people outside Japan. Let me know if I can help you! 

GCC18 pick-up service now live! Deadline August 26th EST. Details here!

First up, let's look at what's currently on offer:
Comiket 80 pick-up service August 12-14
Trial run -- Online shopping service Available until the end of June

Got any questions? Head on over to the FAQ page. It's currently focused on my pick-up services, but I'll be expanding it as I go.

Wanna see what people have said about my services? Check out the feedback page.

You can also contact me off LiveJournal by email: feikoi AT gmail DOT com. Feel free to follow my Twitter account, too!

I use the tag system -- for further related posts, you might want to look through event and shopping service.

Here, you can find my public event calendar. Know about an event in the greater Tokyo area? Let me know! No guarantees I'll be able to make it, but I'd appreciate the info. (Personally, my doujinshi collection leans towards Bleach, SPN, Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts, Saiyuki, and a few other fandoms, so if you hear about those... *__*)
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2011-04-15 03:57 pm
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Super Comic City 20 pick-up service

Update 4/24: This service is now closed to new orders. I want to make sure I have time to visit all the circles requested so far. If you've already contacted me with your order, you can still edit your request list up to the deadline. Thank you for your understanding. 

Super Comic City 20
is coming up! I'm offering my doujinshi pick-up services again, so please let me know how I can help! Taking place on May 3rd and 4th (during Golden Week), Super Comic City is one of Japan's larger fan conventions, with 24,000 spaces over the two days. Fun, huh? You can follow the link above for the official Akaboo event page, or check out the Pixiv event pages for Day One and Day Two to see some of the circles that will be participating!

So how much does it cost?
The overall cost of the service involves the following:
  • Price of the items (JPY)
  • Y800 per circle, or 30% the cost of items from that circle (whichever is higher)
  • Large/delicate goods handling fee, if applicable
  • Shipping and handling fees
  • 5% PayPal fee
Exchange rate is calculated at the current market rate (Y1000 JPY = $12.00 USD). Payment is through PayPal, preferably in USD, though I will also accept JPY.

Here's how it works:
  1. Get me a list of the circles and titles on your want-to-buy list. Want goods? Let me know! Large/awkward goods may incur an extra shipping and handling fee. 
  2. I'll check the final list with you, and send you an invoice for down-payment. Down-payment is USD $8.00 per requested item, plus agreed-upon goods fees.
  3. Event! You relax, I shop! (And cosplay, as time permits :3)
  4. I'll let you know what items I was able to pick up from your list, the estimated shipping and handling costs, and send you a final invoice, minus down-payment. (If I was unable to pick up any of your list, or the final invoice is less than your down-payment, a refund will be given of the appropriate amount.)
  5. After I receive your full total, I'll ship your package out within a week, via the shipping method you selected and paid for. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment here, PM me, or email me at feikoi [at] gmail [dot] com. Order deadline is April 30th, EST, so get your order in now! In the case of multiple requests for an item with limited availability, it will be first come, first served. Thank you!

DATE: May 3-4
ORDER DEADLINE: April 30, 11:00 EST (May 1st, 00:00 Japan)
DEPOSIT DEADLINE: April 30, 23:59 EST (May 1st, 12:59 Japan)
CONTACT: feikoi [at] gmail [dot] com
NOTES: The pamphlet is no longer available for pre-order, due to earthquake issues. I'll try to help with circle questions, but don't have the official list on me this time.
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2011-03-23 04:10 pm

Hey guys!

Still adding stuff to the help_japan auction over at LJ. The three previous djs are still on offer, and I've just added and Engrish Lucky Pack XD.

I generally do this thing for my sisters -- for their birthdays, or holidays, I'll get a bunch of clothes and accessories here. About half are Japanese fashion items, and the other half are things with random English or foreign language phrases on them that strike me as hilarious or adorable. It's usually wrong, or completely random. So, since I'm familiar with stores that offer these kinds of products, thought I'd make a gift pack to auction off for charity. :D

For example... here are some of the more random socks I picked up on a recent shopping trip:

And hey, if you want to drop a bid (starts at USD 15, including shipping from Japan!), you can follow the link here! Click me!
If you're interested in what doujinshi I have listed, see my collection post here on DW
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2011-03-16 10:00 pm
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help_japan auction: doujinshi!

I will be offering doujinshi for auction at [info]help_japan . Bidding goes through 3/31. Get doujinshi for a good cause! Here are the titles as I list them:

月光 (Moonlight), by Soul Guardian. Bleach, Ichigo/Renji, tentacles, R20. Starting bid $10.

Dead Star EndDEAD STAR END!!!, by Yellow Hacker and Sonic. Bleach ensemble. Starting bid $6.

Gemeinschaft, by Westgate. SPN, Cas + Sam/Dean, starting bid $10. http://bit.ly/fjVYcH 

Please follow the links to bid!
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2011-03-12 05:14 am
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Okay class, here's your English lesson for today: "Earthquake."

 In furiosity's post, it was commented that Japan's disaster preparedness is really well put together. And it is. 

It really is amazing to see it in action. I work in the public schools in west Tokyo, and was in class today when the earthquake happened. It all went down just like the few earthquake drills I had seen -- kids immediately stopped the game they were playing to listen to the teacher and get under the tables. (The title of this post comes from the few minutes we had left of our lesson before the period was up. The homeroom teacher and I just looked at each other like, whaddwedonow? I led off with that comment. His sixth graders are pretty good. Then I mentioned how surprising it was for me -- as it was for them -- but especially because in Florida? No earthquakes. Hurricanes and tornadoes, but the earthquake thing just engenders this sense of disbelief when it happens...) During the aftershocks, they were all good about having their head protection on and going out to the field by class to wait for their parents to come. There wasn't any damage in my area that I'm aware of, but it was really disconcerting to have such strong tremors for several minutes. Seeing the footage later in the disaster areas, especially of the tsunami, was utterly... unreal. Terrifying. I could have been there, had I taken a different position when I came to Japan. I was first offered a position in Sendai before accepting another -- the big city in that area, home to the airport flooded by the tsunami. 

One of the musicians I follow on twitter, along with a few others, have been retweeting information about where to seek shelter in Tokyo if you've been stranded by the train service, and how to find out information about loved ones in Japan. Cell service is down (as well as gas in a lot of areas), but you can access the internet from most cell phones just fine, making Facebook a portal many people -- including the American military -- have been using to update each other on locations and such. Gotta love the information age. I myself am typing from a private booth in an internet cafe, where I was just awoken from a catnap in my recliner from an earthquake alert on my phone. 

Couldn't make it home, obviously, so I've spent the night here. Train tracks in Tokyo are labeled as under maintenance by the JR-East website, and I'm hoping they'll start running soon. Safe and sound here, if inconvenienced. (Worried about the state of my apartment -- and hoping that my fish has survived....)

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2011-02-23 10:05 pm

HARU COMIC CITY pick-up service

I will be offering my doujinshi and goods pick-up services once again, this time for Haru Comic City! This pan-fandom event takes place on March 20th, so I will be taking orders through 3/18 (US time).

Here's a summary of the process:
1. Get me your list of the circles you'd like me to visit, as well as any specific requests. This includes a Do Not Want list, pairing information (if applicable) and flyer requests. Links to circles/titles are appreciated.
2. Want goods, too? Goods that are large or awkward to carry may have an additional fee. Let me know what you're looking for.
3. Have a spending limit? Check out the fee breakdown below and let me know your limit, before or after commission and shipping fees. (Also, put your wishlist in order of priority if your budget is tight!)
3. I'll confirm the list with you, and start prepping lists and maps for the event. Deposit of expected commission fees should be paid through PayPal before the event.
4. Event!
5. After the event, I'll contact you with the results and a tentative subtotal. I typically use SAL small packet service, which takes about 2 weeks to the US, and costs Y80+Y100/100g. If you want to use a different shipping service, just let me know.
6. Once I double check the order list and shipping estimate, I'll confirm the total with you. Please send the payment via PayPal in USD or JPY.
7. Order will be shipped that week (usually the day following payment, if there are no scheduling issues).

Note: Single item requests will be considered on a case by case basis, and are also subject to the minimum commission fee.

Fee breakdown (for this event only):
#Price of dj/goods
#Commission: Y500 per circle purchased from or 30%, whichever is greater. For figurines or large/awkward goods, there is an extra fee, to be discussed. Also, commercial booths and wall circles (popular ones, often with a long wait) will also incur an additional fee of Y500 per circle.
#S&H: Y200 + SAL small packet fees (under 2kgs)
####Payment through PayPal in USD at current exchange rate (or in JPY if you'd prefer) before shipping.

Please comment here, PM or email me with any questions or orders!

CONTACT: feikoi at gmail dot com

(x-posted to LJ)
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2011-02-12 12:53 am


I'll be attending this Bleach event in Tokyo on Sunday. Not sure how many on this list are interested in Bleach, but if anyone wants me to pick up doujinshi for them, I'm willing to offer my shopping services.

Please tell me your spending limit (including special 20% commission rate for this event, and shipping), and list the circles you want in order of priority as well as titles you DNW/already have. I can look for specific titles within those circles as well, but can't promise the availability. The pairing you are interested in would also come in handy. (I'll be hitting up all the RenIchi circles I can find for personal shopping, so I'm okay with looking for individual titles there :D)

Shipping by SAL to the US takes about two weeks and comes to about $1+$2/dj, depending on weight. Payment for order is through PayPal in USD.

Feel free to comment here or email me at feikoi at gmail dot com with any questions. I'll take orders through 2/12 11am EST (that's 1am Sunday morning). Event information can be found at http://bbb.moo.jp

Have a good weekend, everyone!
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2011-01-18 05:27 pm

(no subject)

Continuing to prove that I can barely motivate myself to post once in a blue moon. Sigh.

In DW news, I can only access skip=40 on my reading list; anyone else having the same issue?

Links fixed in the last post. Finally.

Annnnnd you can find me on Twitter as @feikoi. To be honest, that's the only platform I use constantly and consistently. You'll get a lot of my random daily life postings, but I've been trying to be good about posting up any and all new fic recs. I'll admit, I'm a lurker and a consumer in fandom. Sigh.

In cosplay news... lacking decent pictures at the moment (oh noes!), but I cosplayed Renji (of Bleach) at Jump Festa last month. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out, even half-finished as it was. Going to try getting some of the details done in the next week, as I've tentatively scheduled an interview/photoshoot/thing with Anime3000 at the end of the month for their Cosplay Showcase. Chou~ nervous. I really don't have much confidence in my cosplay quality, but I'll do my best!

(Here's a pic taken before venturing out into the Festa crowd: yay tattoos!)

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2010-12-06 10:23 pm


No, not me. (And not this post either; thanks a lot, buggy DW and buggy laptop.) But miraculously, my Twitter favorites since my first rec posts have been restored. Who knows how long they'll be there, or how complete they are, but whatever.

NOW WITH 9 (!!!) MOAR MONTHS OF LINKS [multiple posts]
(listed backwards, so oldest last)

October - November 2009
  1. Rec: Fade to Black, by [personal profile] whizzy . SGA, AU, horror, PG13. Spooky remix of Black Helicopters. http://bit.ly/44oCvs
  2. Reading: The Rampant Disease, by [personal profile] triedunture . House, horror. Wilson comes back from vacation and...where is everybody? http://bit.ly/3CKedc
  3. Castle fic! http://bit.ly/2sMfeO
  4. Oh god comment porn goodness to be found HERE: http://bit.ly/3opg8a yay yay SG1
  5. This is all parts adorable, kickass, and gorgeous: http://bit.ly/lK5yv
  6. Reading: Awful Bliss, by Sleeps With Coyotes. FF7, NC17, Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud. Apparently, mako gives you tentacles. http://bit.ly/3QU3So
  7. [via @Needs_Coffee] Found this on Scans Daily, not sure if you have seen it. If you haven't, NEIL PATRICK HARRIS http://bit.ly/91us1
  8. Rec: I Sidhe What You Did There, by binz. Dresden Files, Dresden/Marcone, NC17, public sex and pixie dust (sex pollen). http://bit.ly/dsAeh
  9. They Came From Chicago, by Blueninja33. Dresden Files/Castle xover, PG13. http://is.gd/4rMq6
  10. Guys guys guys!!!!! Amazing robot!au SGA fic series that you must read!!! (proper rec up in a sec) Scruffy AI series: http://bit.ly/4iZHiM
    1. Rec: Male Enhancement (The Soul and the Company Store Remix), by Leah. 1st in Scruffy AI series. SGA, R, John/Rodney. http://bit.ly/4iZHiM
  11. [via [personal profile] skysailor ] Here, everyone. Fanservice love: http://bit.ly/38voXk
  12. Reading: Entanglements, by Vathara. Saiyuki, Sanzo/Hakkai, tentacles (of the plant variety), PG13. http://is.gd/4lNrd
  13. Reading: The Hard Prayer, by Rheanna. SGA, AU, PG13. One year after the end of the world, John meets another survivor. http://is.gd/4lN13
  14. [via @freosan] I think this should go with the Time Traveller's Cheat Sheet. http://tinyurl.com/ylaw25y
  15. Rec: The Bugs and the Bees, by Other_Hazards. Avengers, Steve/Tony (post-chest plate), PG13, humorous short. http://is.gd/4kYFd
  16. The Art of War, by [personal profile] valtyr . Ult!Tony/Steve NC17. Steve Rogers has a brilliant tactical mind, and he's not afraid to use it. http://is.gd/4jqY3
  17. Reading: Red-verse, by ofthespider. Marvel-verse (AU-ish), Spiderman/Daredevil, PG-NC17. http://is.gd/4jqQp
    1. Warning for not-happy-ending subject material, though I suppose you'd get that from it being Daredevil. Oh, comics.
  18. Reading: Fire and Rain, by pennyplainknits. Merlin/SPN fusion, Arthur/Merlin, NC17. http://is.gd/4jqFj
  19. Rec: The Kids Aren't Alright, by M. Iron Man movie, PG13, Vanity Fair article format, Tony character analysis. http://bit.ly/2d3Ufc
  20. Rec: the problem we all live with, by green_postit. Merlin, NC17, Arthur/Merlin, dark. http://bit.ly/gqeZC
  21. Rec: sweat, paint and blue jeans, by cards_slash. New!Trek, NC17, Kirk/Spock/McCoy PWP. Good smut. :P http://is.gd/4fCsT
  22. Reading: Defenders of the Realm, by larmadeuse. Merlin, NC17, Arthur/Merlin modern AU -- Arthur and Morgana are cops. http://is.gd/4fxi0
  23. Reading: Dragon Choices, by tsukinofaerii. Pern/Marvel Avengers fusion, SteveTony(pern warnings,) Tony can hear dragons. http://bit.ly/qcZzB
  24. [via @freosan] I will always love this story. http://bit.ly/12dlQI
  25. Reading: Solid Ground, by Noelia. Batman (Nolanverse), AU end of TDK (Barb dies), Bruce/Jim, PG13-R, definitely some domestic WAFF, series linked here: http://is.gd/44XUz
  26. Reading: Damned If You Do, and Damned If You Don't, by pir8fancier. So glad she started writing SGA fic. R, McShep. http://is.gd/42FS3
  27. Rec: sealed by a fragile touch, (and sequels) by classics_geek. New!Trek, Kirk/McCoy.Warning 1st isolation, 2nd daterape. http://is.gd/40yVC
  28. Rec: Solitary Confinement, by chasingthewinds. New!Trek, mental asylum AU, R, Kirk/McCoy. Beautiful mindfuckery. http://is.gd/40yFq
  29. Reading: Switch, by ceres_libera. New!Trek, long WIP, NC17, K/M. "The life and times of Leonard H. McCoy MD/PhD" Highly recommending that EVERYONE read Switch, even though it is WIP.[now complete] GO READ NAO. http://is.gd/40m4V
  30. Read: Pink, by the_deep_magic. New!Trek, Kirk/Spock, NC17. http://is.gd/3WzwW
  31. Reading: Counting Games, by tsukinofaerii. Ultimates, PG, Steve-centric. "Steve was sick." http://tsukinofaerii.livejournal.com/176245.html
  32. *flail* Oh, Shatterstar.... Reading: Touching, by JBMcDragon. X-Force, Ric/Shatty, R. http://is.gd/3U9r8
September 2009 links
  1. [via @warrenellis] Cherie Priest's brilliant steampunk-zombie-science novel BONESHAKER is out today: http://bit.ly/5483Z (she's @cmpriest here)
  2. Rec: The Arc of the Pendulum, by brummell. Post HP7 (EWE), R, HPDM. Take on Beauty and the Beast. http://brummell.livejournal.com/1361.html
  3. Guys I just found a copy of Cordwainer Smith's The Game of Rat and Dragon: I love that short story. Now to obtain...
  4. [via [personal profile] bookshop ] Hello, Twitter, Liar by Justine Larbalestier (@justinelavaworm) is amazing. I am reading & thinking oh yeah, *this* is why I read YA fiction
  5. [via @neilhimself] Loving UNDER THE DOME, but it is a big book. No, even bigger than that. The kind of book that will not mind if you put it down again & doze.
  6. Rec: One Week, by [personal profile] janeturenne[personal profile] janeturenne . Sherlock Holmes, NC17, H/W. The boys make a wager. (2 parts left to be posted this week.) http://is.gd/3F7GE
  7. Rec: Talking Points, by [personal profile] pir8fancier . SGA post-series, R, mcshep. http://pir8fancier.livejournal.com/399057.html
  8. @KuriLu Here. Steve Rogers meets DEATH: http://community.livejournal.com/tsukinoniwa/35256.html :D
  9. And PLEASE, if anyone has any femmeslash fic recs, or good comms and sites to find such fic, link me. Only familiar with m/m sites now.
    1. [via [personal profile] bookshop ] @feikoi run, don't walk, to the Devil Wears Prada fandom. go read everything by somniesperus and thelastgoodname <33333! also femslash_today
  10. Reading: And Joseph's brothers hated him as much as I hated you, by tigriswolf. New!Trek/Riddick xover. http://is.gd/3B9Ws
  11. ...totally just read some Hooded Justice/Captain Metropolis fics. Am blaming Pond's hot NSFW fanart, "Justice Served": http://bit.ly/TxEwK
  12. *gasps with laughter* Oh god this is amusing. Rec: Head Squatter, by JBMcDragon. New!Trek, gen, Kirk and Spock, crack. http://is.gd/3po8C
  13. The word "intensely" keeps making this X-Force fic pop into my head: Lindo Y Casero, by Janete. http://bit.ly/DaanY Ric/Star, TV.
  14. Fic Rec: The Queen's Return, by Honorh. Chronicles of Narnia. http://honorh.livejournal.com/226358.html I cried, you guys.
  15. La Roux: "I'm Not Your Toy" ...this is definitely growing on me. Yay lj recs :D http://is.gd/3nKb4
  16. Rec: Razor's Edge, by mhalachaiswords. SGA/Sanctuary, PG13 John+Helen "There's a fine line between savior and salvation." http://is.gd/3bG7d
  17. Reading: Sheppard's Law, by Speranza. SGA. John Sheppard's life, rewritten. http://is.gd/39kqo
  18. Um. In other reading news: Merlin Emrys and the Totally Gay Triwizard Tournament, by twentysomething. Merlin/HP, PG15. http://is.gd/39fzu
  19. Reading: As Morning Shows the Day, by J.D. New!Trek, Kirk & de-aged Spock, cuteness overload, PG13, WIP. http://is.gd/3712K
  20. Reading: Moving the Goalposts, by louis_quatorze. New!Trek, Chekov/Sulu, NC17, present-day footballer AU. http://is.gd/36ZPU
  21. Reading: The Sum of its Parts, by JB McDragon. New!Trek, eventual Spock/Kirk, action-adventure, R/NC17. http://is.gd/36Yzw
  22. Reading: Little Shadow, by hollycomb. New!Trek, NC17, Sulu/Chekov, angst. Sulu is Chekov's roommate at the Academy. http://is.gd/36Qk7
  23. @blue_rose_ And I have Logan and Remy kissing. Everyone's happy! http://is.gd/35SBa
  24. Rec: Silk Over Splinters, by ponderosa. X-Men Origins, Logan/Remy, NC17. "Remy's got answers to all the wrong hurts." http://is.gd/35cBN
  25. Ooo Ooo I am reminded. Everyone who hasn't (and even if you have) read/watched Missed the Saturday Dance must do so now. http://is.gd/2PPnc
  26. Manga rec: Stigma, by Kazuya Minekura (better known as the mangaka of Saiyuki). Full color and amazingly poignant storytelling.

I plan to go back and fix all the links, just want to get this posted before something else craps out on me. *carefully pokes the internet*
ETA (one month later): Links fixed!
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2010-11-14 09:56 am

August 2010 fannish links

Annnnnd since I'm so far behind (and am procrastinating on my current cosplay project and my dropped writing project), here's the next batch of links! Also a smidge shorter than usual, as I spent half the month in Austria/otherwise without internet.

August 2010 fannish links
  1. Oh yeah! Watched How to Train Your Dragon on the airplane, and it was wonderful. (Toothless was adorable, and made me miss having a cat.) Actually, thinking about it, I think I need to watch HtTYD again. And again. Just for the adorable-ness that is Toothless. I DIDN'T KNOW YOU COULD GET ADDICTED TO CUTE
  2. Also, I haven't posted fic recs in god knows how long (god or @backupmytweets, anyway), so here's a couple possible repeats. Rec: Variations on Forever, by [personal profile] janeturenne . Doctor Who, Doctor/Master epic, 10/13parts posted completed! l Variations is amazing amazicalness and everyone with the slightest interest in Doctor Who should read it. Master POV.
  3. Rec: Fear and Loathing at the Phoenix, by [personal profile] curiouslyfic . HP/DM, NC17, Harry as Hunter S Thompson 
  4. Reading: These Things Were Promises, by paperclipbitch. Sherlock Holmes (pre-movie), NC17, H/W. 
  5. Rec: Onfindan, by astolat. Merlin, R, Merlin/Arthur. Arthur finds out. 
  6. Rec: The Difference Engine, by [personal profile] sam_storyteller . SGA, R, John/Rodney.  Summary: Sheppard remembered dying in Afghanistan, but since he was still walking around he didn't pay that memory too much mind.
  7. Reading: A Thoughtful, Moving Exploration of Passionate Youth, by thehoyden. Naruto, NC17, Gai/Iruka. http://bit.ly/9ijFEB
  8. Reread: Drastically Redefining Protocol, by [personal profile] rageprufrock . Merlin, modern AU, NC17, Arthur/Merlin, +multimedia! http://bit.ly/baRyf2 Which makes me want to read a tangential crossover where Connor Luthor (Superboy) is the reporter interviewing them.
  9. Rec: His Father's Son, by [personal profile] gaudy_night . Batman (Nolan), R, eventual Jim/Bruce, alt Jim bkgd, WIP. http://bit.ly/dxnQNn
  10. So! Pic of me, sent by nozomu (one of the Comiket attendees). http://yfrog.com/8bshcsj (I really need to learn how to pose, lol.)
  11. Reading: Something About Toads, by pyrebi. SPN, PG13, Dean/Castiel, crack a la fairytale AU. http://is.gd/ekfLr
  12. Oh god. *buries face in hands* So at orientation today, manager had made picture cards for our self introductions, with our likes/dislikes and apparently, he managed to come across all of the yaoi blogs in search of a good Renji pic. He was like, "Is this character gay?" *red* I was so flustered and could barely keep from cracking up at the same time. (But hey, I got nicely printed fanart outta the deal, lol.)
  13. Oh god. Who wants Chaucerian-style Doctor/Master? You know you do. http://anadapta0801.livejournal.com/6650.html
  14. Rec: Staring at Squares, But My Eyes Never Focus, by twentysomething. Sherlock, PG, Sherlock/John, crosswords http://is.gd/epASu
  15. ...I think I need to watch this anime. (Warning: TVTropes.) http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SetoNoHanayome
  16. Doctor Who: the only fandom with NO CANON. Never has been, never will be. Huh. http://is.gd/ewyCD
  17. There we go! Somehow, I had forgotten to save that Steve/Tony boot!kink fic when I first read it. Whoops! http://is.gd/eA3Yd
  18. Reading: Some Assembly Required, by valtyr. Avengers, NC17, Steve/Tony. Tony gets turned into a woman by Doom. http://is.gd/eAUji
  19. Rec: An Ever Fixed Mark, by seanchai and elspethdixon. Avengers, PG13, Steve/Tony. Loki turns Tony into a girl. http://is.gd/eBjTm
  20. This is pretty damn amazing: Man invents machine to convert plastic into oil. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGGabrorRS8
  21. Rec: CITIES OF SAND, by [personal profile] tongari . Inception/Sandman xover comic, Saito and Dream. http://tongari.livejournal.com/353730.html
  22. YAY OMG THANKYOU!! (btw, NWS Inception fanart) RT @ajafair: @feikoi LOOK LOOK LOOK AT THIS TENTACLE FILL :DDDDDD http://is.gd/eJ1K0
  23. Girl!Eames fic with mirrors! To read: http://bamf-hbic.livejournal.com/1964.html
  24. Also, alwaysagirl!yusuf fic: http://community.livejournal.com/inception_kink/7339.html?thread=12310443
  25. Arthur/Eames femmeslash NC17 rec: http://community.livejournal.com/inception_kink/5987.html?thread=8656227#t8656227 #inceptionkinkmeme
  26. Also, @ajafair is the reason I got into this fandom in the first place. Blog with recs and meta: http://bookshop.dreamwidth.org #iblameaja
  27. Hmm. So, random fandom note: why does the genderplay usually get heaped onto the physically slighter characters? That's lazy thinking. :P On #inceptionkinkmeme, there are a bazillion girl!Arthur prompts, about equal girl!Eames & boy!Ariadne, and 1 each Saito & Yusef. No Cobb. Y.
    • In SGA fandom, it's usually Sheppard, though I've seen a bunch with academia-politics for McKay and Jackson, too.
    • Oh god. Was trying to think of other fandoms with genderbending and now want Naruto/Inception xover SOMEHOW. Dream ninjas? SexynoJutsu? IDEK
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2010-11-14 09:18 am

July 2010 fannish links

Here we go! July was a rather empty month, as I was busy with work, job hunting and interviews, and moving from my apartment at the end of my contract. It's rather sad how paltry this list is...

July 2010 fannish links:
  1. Rec: Brick by Brick, by [personal profile] blue_soaring. FFVII, Some day soon, Reno’s going to sit Cloud down and list out the ways he’s just like Rufus.
  2. Rec: Eve, by [personal profile] blue_soaring. FFX, fluff, 200 words. Kimahri does not think this is good idea.
  3. Rec: A Magnificent Stroke of Genius, or Something Like It, by [personal profile] blue_soaring. Iron Man/White Collar, X, Tony/Neal Neal/Peter/Elle
  4. Rec: In the Upright Position, by [personal profile] blue_soaring . Iron Man/Transformers, Tony/Starscream, PG.
  5. via @skysailor99: Dude~. Superheroes! link to article
  6. RT [personal profile] vejiicakes [Rec] "Worlds Away" by [personal profile] hyacinthian (X-Men) [...] all that Jubilee is, that others try to take.
  7. Rec: Something Different, by [personal profile] tsukinofaerii . Avengers, X, Pepper/Natalie, Tony/Pepper, suggested Tony/Steve. Pepper POV.
  8. Rec: Do Winchesters Dream of Electric Impalas? by kellifer. SPN, PG13, gen AU, robots.
  9. Ppl w lotsa fic I just found: Kellifer (SPN, SG, moar) http://bit.ly/c3lhW3 // Spikykun (Bleach) http://bit.ly/bctpVd
  10. RT [personal profile] vejiicakes SAITO/OLD SPICE GUY CAPSLOCK FIC http://bit.ly/ctN69u I WEEP AT THE BEAUTY OF IT
  11. Rec: Variations on Forever, by janeturenne. Doctor/Master, NC17, an epic of their relationship throughout their lives. 
  12. Rec: Dum Spiro, Spero, by jedibuttercup. Dresden, PG, Michael introspective. 
  13. Rec: Snips & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails, by hackthis. Iron Man, PG, crack, Pepper-centric. 
  14. Webcomic! Pretty art! NSFW! http://starfightercomic.com (link via @ajafair)
  15. Lawl. Jane Austen's Fight Club

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2010-11-06 10:06 pm
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driveby posting

Hey guys. Taking a quick break from sewing -- making a cosplay for a convention in, oh, 13 hours. Yeah, probably not going to finish -- it's Alice's red dress from the recent Alice in Wonderland movie -- but at least this one I can wear as more-extravagant-than-usual loli gear.


Event tomorrow in Yokohama -- Movies Paradise! This event focuses on western (non-Japanese) movies, RPS and dramas (aka House, Supernatural, other live action TV shows). If you want me to look for anything, let me know! Probably mostly doujinshi, but there's usually fanart and other things as well~

Link below


I know there'll be people for Sherlock Holmes, Merlin and Supernatural, at the very least.

(And seriously, I have no problem with buying stuff and shipping it out for people. So, if you want something, drop me a line!)
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2010-11-02 05:27 pm
Entry tags:

So, while everyone's NaNo-ing....

...I'm trying to practice writing too!

I'm taking the first lines that my friends have written each day, and am (attempting) to write fic bits that each begin with that same sentence. Granted, most of my stuff sucks, because I am not a good writer, but it's interesting practice nonetheless

If you'd like to give me your first sentences (of your NaNo, whatever you wrote today, or just anything you'd like me to work a fic from), you are more than welcome to pass them here! Also let me know if you have any particular fandom/prompt request you'd like along with the line.

I can't promise any level of quality, but you'll be giving me writing practice at least? I have everything up on GoogleWave right now (let me know if you'd like to be added), but if there's any interest, or I actually like whatever shite comes out of my chewed up mechanical pencil, I'll be posting here, too, under the "rough draft" tag.

To start, here's the fifth ficbit written so far. (Microfic, really, the others are averaging 200 words instead.) First line courtesy of [personal profile] sinistra_blache


They're nearly always uncomfortably pleasing to be around. Their appearance is strangely beautiful, their sinuous movements disconcertingly graceful, and she feels guilt at both their origins and her reaction. But as he wraps limbs old and new around her, she can think of little else but peace.

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2010-09-23 10:54 am
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Tokyo Game Show


So that was fun.

As I may have mentioned before, I won tickets to Tokyo Game Show, which has been described to me as the Japanese equivalent of E3. My main interest in it was cosplaying, as per usual, so for the past few weeks I was slowly (very slowly) constructing the jacket for Perrine-H. Clostermann of Strike Witches.

Here's a reference:
reference pic

My friend had decided to cosplay Mio Sakamoto, the one in white, and so suggested that I do Perrine so we matched. :D Of course, I spent all of the Saturday before doing the finishing work -- attaching the sleeves and collar, making the button panel, hemming, buying and sewing on the buttons and hooks-and-eyes, handsewing the trim...I was up to almost two a.m. handsewing, ugh. Fortunately, all of the other parts of the cosplay I had already gathered, and they didn't require sewing.

The result:
Photo from E's camera )

There were some things that don't match up perfectly (sleeve trim not doubled, the bangs still don't quite match my hair, I didn't put a hook on the last button, my eyes are blue, the ears are pink: though that's cuz my friend gave them to me when we met up that day, and so I had no way -- and no references -- to change them), but overall, I'm pretty damn proud of how this turned out! (It's turned out a lot better in photos than my previous cosplays, so I'm happy~) I kinda want to do this outfit again, though I think it would be great if we could get more people to join in for next time. Also, I need to work on posing!

Summary of the day: E and I met up after I ran to the bank and grabbed breakfast, then we headed to the event. We skipped ahead to pick up the tickets, then waited in line -- for an hour! -- to get inside. Then we had to find the changing room, and wait in line there for a long while... Most (including us) were doing our makeup in line. After that, we moved to the cosplay area, hung out there for a few hours posing for pictures, ran into people from E's work (my old job) who were supposed to meet us there, and made use of my new "business cards" for cosplaying. Whee! Then we grabbed food, met up with some friends, wandered back to the cosplay area, and grabbed a game of Marvel vs. Capcom 3! That was really really fun, as it hit all of my geeky comic book nerd buttons.

Have since gotten an email from one of the photographers, Norik, so here's a pic he took!
Photo by Norik )
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2010-09-11 01:14 pm
Entry tags:

my life

So, apparently I cannot be relied upon to regularly blog, like many other things in my life (you don't call, you don't write...). I am trying to post semi-regularly on Twitter, but that's easier to do from my phone than, say, encode a full links post. Sigh.

Next weekend is Tokyo Game Show -- yes, another convention -- and I won tickets for it! Woot! I'll be cosplaying Perrine-H. Clostermann of Strike Witches. No, I've never watched the show, though apparently it involves flying magical catgirls based loosely on old military aircraft. With no pants.


But a friend is cosplaying Mio Sakamoto from the same series, and thus, I have a cosplay partner! I really miss doing group cosplay. When I went to cons stateside, I would usually work on a group costume with my friends or the extended UF campus cosplay group, and it makes for much more amusing photoshoots.

I still need to make Perrine's jacket/dress-thing. I've been putting it off because, well, that's what I do, and I'm afraid of cutting it wrong or some such. I'm loosely basing it off of a shirt pattern in the recent Gosu Rori mook, but as I'm using a heavier fabric and my waist is a little lower than GR patterns usually draft for.... I miss having my dressform. Things were so much easier then.

Now its time for me to stop faffing about on the [stolen] internet, and get cracking on that costume!
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2010-08-06 01:44 pm

June 2010 fic links

How did I get a month behind on this?

June 2010 links of fannish things

  1. Rec: First Sign of Madness, by Kat Reitz & Perryvic. SGA/CSI: Las Vegas xover, NC17. Greg and Rodney meet over a case. http://bit.ly/9G282v

  2. Kat Reitz and Tzigane (heck, all the caffeinds) do the best horror. Rec: Hideous Progeny, SGA future AU, R. http://bit.ly/cOxHDc

  3. Man from UNCLE tote bag? Huh. - http://moby.to/9krie9

  4. Rec: Heroes Never Die (Except When They Do), by Annie D. Die Hard, R, John/Matt. Deathfic, but not angst. READ IT NOW. http://bit.ly/aTj0Bc

  5. Listening to Casey, by Darren Hayes, and I'm tearing up, as per usual. Especially since I'm reading a new fic which will be the next rec. Rec: Not Quite the Shilling, by Annie D. HP, R, Harry/Snape. Harry is a teacher. (Futurefic in an AU of books 6-7.) http://bit.ly/agFcB5
    • Hmm, this particular characterization is linking Harry and Gaara in my mind. Anyone know of HP/Naruto xover fics or fusions?

  6. Okay, so reading that Heroes/Poltergeist fic wasn't the brightest thing to do before sleeping. INSERTLINKHERE
  7. Rec: The Girlfriend Experience, by rageprufrock. SPN, Dean/Cas, X. Sex, sex, and oh look! More filthy porn. And humor. http://bit.ly/9dMZPW

  8. Oooo, not only did rageprufrock update, but so did lanning and te! And I have a New!Trek rec from lanning, too! Also, epic/bigbang fic in the works from janeturenne (two Holmes fic, one Theta/Koschei onwards fic) and whizzy (more Helicopters-verse!) Oh, btw, there are snippets of janeturenne's aforementioned Doctor Who fic here (Shalka era and Simm!Master era): http://is.gd/cDFMN INSERTMOARLINKSHERE
  9. Reading: When he saw his own eyes..., by Te. DCU-verse, Tim Drake-centric AU, X. http://teland.com/stories/whenhesaw.html

  10. Oh god, I'm watching my first SPN fanvid (crack!vid, really) and now I need need need to watch this show wtf http://tonko-ni.livejournal.com/61804.html

  11. Reading: :D?, by aramleys_words. SPN, Dean/Castiel, PG13. Crack. Summary: "Sam stared. 'Did you just emoticon at me?'" http://is.gd/cDK2y

  12. Avatar rec page: http://avocado-love.livejournal.com/23888.html We'll see if our tastes coincide once I read some of these.

  13. OOoo, modern AU? 180K words? Sign me up. To read: Transference, by Scuttlebuttincx. AtLA, high school AU, Sokka/Zuko, M. http://is.gd/cIF33

  14. Hello, TVTropes. What's this? You have fic recs for me? Awesome. To read: Memories from the Western Air Temple, by Darth Animus. AtLA, eventual Zuko/Aang. (series of oneshots really) http://is.gd/cIFrY

  15. Rec: Okay, We're In Trouble, by Suzukiblu. AtLA, Sokka/Zuko/Jet, NC17. S1, drugs=sexpollened!Zuko. http://is.gd/cIFWr

  16. Rec: The Usual Reasons, by wildgoosery. PG13. Sokka would swear, later on, that it was completely innocent when it started. http://is.gd/cIQeh

  17. Rec: Discoveries, by kittyjimjams. AtLA, Sokka/Zuko, NC17. http://community.livejournal.com/atla_slash_swap/6997.htm

  18. Rec: Four Seasons, Four Loves, by avocado_love. AtLA, Sokka/Zuko, NC17. http://community.livejournal.com/atla_slash_swap/3451.html

  19. Reading: Earth Boys are Easy, by jlh. AtLA, Suki/Toph, R. http://community.livejournal.com/atla_slash_swap/4192.html

  20. Rec: The One Where the Fire Nation Clearly Loses, by miarr. AtLA, Sokka/Zuko, NC17. http://community.livejournal.com/anomylic/13007.html

  21. Lol yay Kurt! RT @vejiicakes http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2010/130/5/4/Avatar_The_Reckoning_by_nandomendonssa.jpg Win

  22. Rec: The List, by suzukiblu. AtLA, Sokka/Zuko, PG13. Humor, talk about socially acceptable sex. http://is.gd/cLy1h

  23. How to find fanfic, condensed: 1. Google: fanfic recs "[pairing]" [fandom] [genre]. 2. Choose a rec page. 3. Click on links until you find one you like. If there's nothing, go back to 1. 4. Link me to the fic XD. 5. Go thru authors archives for more fic, recs, collaborators, and alt. hosting sites (LJ, DW, etc). 6. Explore these links like they're TVTropes. 7. Find challange/bigbang/giftfic comms. 8. Repeat.

  24. Reading The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. Melikes. Also, Sieh makes me think of Son Goku.

  25. Dude SPN event was awesome. got to chat w fangirls and bought too much merch. Who wants some?
    • photos not allowed inside so... - http://moby.to/uaame8

    • Also did I really spend like 80 bucks there? Oops. Totally worth it.

    • I just realized that two of the items that I was given for free? Were originals, not photocopies. EEE SCORE! http://yfrog.com/5nryjgj

    • So, even though it was a Supernatural-only event, I still managed to pick up a Sherlock Holmes dj, a House MD dj, and 2 Boondock Saints pics

    • SPN doujinshi up for sale: Nostalgia, by Westgate. I like the art, it's just not the one I meant to grab. (Was chatting~) http://is.gd/cNCqk

    • That picture I mentioned in my blog entry? Found it! (Warnings for angels and milk products. And Freud.) http://twitpic.com/aeuv4

  26. Rec: Praise The Lord (And Pass The Ammunition), by nekomitsu, art by aesc. SPN, R, deathfic, hilarious, angel!Dean/Cas. http://bit.ly/dxt8a1

  27. Rec: One Thing I Don't Believe In, by essenceofmeanin. SPN, R, minor Dean/Cas. Post-apoc, Dean gets a redo at life. http://bit.ly/bthugD

  28. Reading: The Theory of Relativity, by wutendeskind. SPN, R, Sam/Dean. Post-series, Sam becomes a best-selling novelist. http://bit.ly/9EjV6f

  29. RT @vejiicakes [Rec] movie!Iron Man http://tinyurl.com/2e38os5 The creative, achy Agent Coulson/Black Widow fic I never knew I wanted. ...

  30. Omg. Bleach cowboy!AU?! To read: Light for the Deadvine, by spiky_kun & ravens_rising. PG13, Ukitake/Shunsui, IchiRen. http://bit.ly/b84Sxq

  31. To read: Thick as Thieves, by noelia_g. New!Trek AU (White Collar based), Kirk/McCoy, PG13. http://noelia-g.livejournal.com/345254.html

  32. For those who were unaware, http://spn-j2-bigbang.livejournal.com and http://au-bigbang.livejournal.com are currently posting fic/art/mixes.

  33. Read: Waiting for the Hint of the Spark, by edenbound. SPN, gen, PG13. Dean gets blinded. Oh, and God's an asshole. http://bit.ly/9X1Hdn

  34. @skysailor99 ...WANT. (That is to say, not yet, but I've only dabbled in SPN longfic so far.) Autobot!Impala/Dean would be amazical. Dude.

  35. Reading: Pandemonium, by clearandstrong. Bleach AU, PG13, gen. Somewhat dystopic, supernatural investigation. http://bit.ly/b6IxXN

  36. Ooo, TrekReverseBang? Yay, glockgal art! Yay fic! Linkies: http://community.livejournal.com/glockart/75664.html#cutid1

  37. Okay, yah, this is amazing. SPN-racebending comic of awesome thank you glockgal http://glockgal.dreamwidth.org/377764.html

  38. waaa marvel dream casting stuff is funtiemz http://bossymarmalade.dreamwidth.org/492768.html

  39. *sporfle* Yay, SPN/Transformers xover! With smexing! Rec: More Than Meets The Eye, by astolat. http://bit.ly/aizvnp

  40. Rec: a match made in heaven, by incandescens. SPN/TF, PG, short, Dean and Jazz. http://m.fanfiction.net/s/5234158/1/a_match_made_in_heaven

  41. Rec: The Imposter Impala From the Planet Cybertron, by L. Mouse. SPN/TF xover, PG13, WIP warning. http://m.fanfiction.net/s/5366186/1/

  42. Rec: best of british, by bossymarmalade. Hellblazer, M, gen, Constantine and Chas. http://archiveofourown.org/works/55972?view_adult=true

  43. Rec: I love the bones of you, by fleshflutter. SPN, PG13, Dean/Castiel, side-chara death. http://fleshflutter.livejournal.com/73831.html

  44. ....I think I found a new rarepair to look for: Dean/Victor Hendriksen (SPN). Reading: Cops and Graverobbers, by minim_calibre. SPN, Dean/Victor, R. http://community.livejournal.com/choc_fic/45558.html

  45. Okay, I think I'm never gonna get tired of finding cover art by aesc. Wow. http://aesc.livejournal.com/362983.html Flipping through more of aesc's coverart, I find an AU SPN vid, w FBI!Dean and assassin!Cas: http://newkidfan.livejournal.com/269875.html moar stuff at aesc's journal, specifically Rodney (SGA) and Cas (SPN) commiserating: http://aesc.livejournal.com/413381.html#cutid4

  46. Reading: Louder Than Bells, by dotfic. SPN, Dean/Castiel, also Sam and Michael, NC17. http://dotfic.livejournal.com/285340.html#cutid1

  47. Reading: Dexterity, by leupagus, screamlet, and waldorph. New!Trek, T, gen. Winona, George, Amanda, and Sarek. http://is.gd/cWuOG

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2010-08-06 01:05 pm
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i need to make a schedule or something

I'm in Austria! Woot!

The past month has been pretty insane for me -- job hunting, going to interviews, getting a job (assuming I don't flub the Board of Education interview, eek), packing, moving, finishing up paperwork, doing cosplay work, and entertaining visitors to Tokyo... And add a bad case of cicada&stress-induced insomnia, and I've been completely out of it. I haven't been posting fic recs, I've barely been checking LJ and DW, and, well, yeah.

So, news! COMIKET 78 is right around the corner, and I'm in the process of acquiring the catalog now. I have requests for Saiyuki material as well as my normal hunt for Bleach doujinshi...

So! WHO WANTS STUFF? Give me a fandom and I'll try to search the catalog for it, or, even better, give me the artist you want me to look for! At Winter Comiket, I managed to get through a large section of western fandoms -- NCIS, Supernatural, Batman, Heroes, etc. -- cuz they were all grouped together, but this place is massive, so hopefully there will be more preplanning involved.

Also, I have some freebies from previous conventions that are up for grabs -- calendars for FFVII, mini-comics, etc. Just drop me a line if you want anything!

(I'm serious, dudes -- I have this thing where I love shopping, but sometimes I can't justify buying it all for myself, so I need to shop for other people. It's really no trouble.)
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2010-07-12 10:42 pm

Avoidance - my middle name

So, I've been applying for jobs here in Japan. My current contract is up at the end of the month, and then I'll be in Austria on vacation, and back in Japan just a few days before my work visa expires -- stupid one year visa.

Have gone to one interview so far, though I haven't heard back from them in a while, and I'm in communication with/have interviews scheduled for three other positions. Some of them are eikaiwa schools, while others are ALT placement companies. To be honest, the ALT jobs look more enticing, but I'm nervous about learning a whole new job style and facing large classrooms. Ack. Pay-wise, there's this part-time ALT position that pays more for 15 days a month than I get now, which would be nice, but it means working at a high school. And I'm barely out of school myself. And did I mention the class sizes?

Anyway. That's my excuse for not posting for a while. I have found a few more tentacle recs to add, and I'll eventually start my next rec list, for either domestic!WAFF fic or epic-length recs (by my definition, which is usually a minimum of eighty thousand words -- I read really effing fast). I tend to be a lurker in fandom, and I'm trying to change that. Sigh.
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2010-06-13 06:41 pm

I had an awesome day today. How about you?

As I sit here typing this entry, a cool breeze is blowing through my apartment -- rainy season here in Japan is to start next week or so. But that's not why I had an awesome day, though the not-sweltering weather probably contributed.

Today was Super Diner, a Supernatural-only fan event in Tokyo. Last week I had gone to a similarly advertised event, for Final Fantasy 7, which was a bit small and quiet (though had awesome cosplayers), so I wasn't expecting too much from this event.  I headed out a bit before noon, to arrive halfway through the event.

Which was AMAZING.

This event was definitely bigger than I had anticipated, though still Japanese-style and thus entirely composed of what we call Artist's Alley in American conventions I've been to. It was... probably comparable to the Artist's Alley at AWA, size-wise. Anyway. Walked in to this lovely sight: <a href="http://s271.photobucket.com/albums/jj136/feikoi/Japan/?action=view&current=CA3D0073.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i271.photobucket.com/albums/jj136/feikoi/Japan/th_CA3D0073.jpg" border="0" alt="10.6.13 SuperDiner" ></a>

And after getting my little wristband (one of those rubber ones: yay souvenir!), I wandered around a bit. I was kinda being my quiet awkward self as I often am in social situations like, well, happens a lot in Japan, with the language barrier. (I can speak some, I can understand more, but I get easily flustered.) Bought doujinshi -- like lots of it. Yeah.

And then I found someone who had the Supernatural prequel comics at her table. The official, English ones published by Wildstorm? Damn was that an icebreaker. So I stood there, reading all four issues she had, and another girl had come up and was reading them after I finished each one, lol. Apparently the woman had bought them through auctions, but she said that they have them on Amazon, too. So, yes, mental barrier broken!

I then proceeded to wander more, shop more, and chat more. Got a free poster from one artist after it had fallen and I picked it up for her, and commented it was cute. Got stopped by one seller who said she was going to Vancouver in August for a Supernatural convention there! She was really excited -- so would I. So cool! And she spoke a little English after my Japanese came out all broken (I always get tripped up by past time phrases -- I'm starting to hate answering "When did you come to Japan?"). And then I went to another table, and the artist's friend who was hanging out with her was pretty comfortable with attempting English, at least, and so we were chatting half English, half Japanese, about the show and fandom. (By the way, internet, what is this about Misha milk-drinking pictures being posted on Twitter? They couldn't remember the account name, but then they asked their neighbor who said (in good English!) that I could find it on the SuperWiki. When Twitter resumes service, I will be going through twitter.com/mishacollins) They had a lot of questions -- did guys like the show in America too, or was is mainly a girl fanbase? Was there western fanart/comics, or mainly fanfic? Like that. It was fun to talk about, though I'm definitely not fully in the fandom, so it was difficult to answer sometimes. Heck, I only watched the first three episodes yesterday!

And the next table I went to, another fan started chatting with me in very very good English. Turned out she went to university in England. (Crap, I can't remember her name! ;;) And yeah. So I had a lot of fun talking to people. Got a few free things when I commented on how cute they were -- it was the end of the day, and I wonder if part of it was because of being a token foreigner there. Some people wondered how I had heard about the event -- I think they were expecting "the Internet", but I never would have known this existed had I not picked up the event flyer back at December's Comiket.

Really happy I decided to go.

On my way back to the station, I passed the Edo Museum (but decided to save that for another time), and stopped for cheap kitsune soba. Mmm, kistune-style.... And then at the station, on a neighboring platform, there was a taiko drumming performance going on. I happened to be standing next to a few other foreigners, and the leader/teacher guy called us over from across the tracks. Eventually found where the entrance was, and went to watch. Apparently, they were from a taiko-drumming school, and half of them were Westerners! The teacher/leader dude was doing things at least mostly bilingually, and dude, it was so awesome, I want to do that too! So I think, if I remain in the Kanto area, I have a new hobby. <a href="http://s271.photobucket.com/albums/jj136/feikoi/Japan/?action=view&current=CA3D0074.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i271.photobucket.com/albums/jj136/feikoi/Japan/CA3D0074.jpg" border="0" alt="10.6.13 Taiko"></a>

So. Assuming you got this far...

I have to move soon, but I keep buying stuff. A LOT of fan stuff. I'm kinda a compulsive shopper at conventions. Now, I'm not looking to get rid of it all, but if anyone is interested in fan merchandise for Supernatural, Final Fantasy 7, Bleach, or other series... well. I'll probably be putting up a sales post sometime. (Mostly doujinshi, but also things like calendars and other random shit.)