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Have submitted two items so far, and have another three possibles kinda ready? Seriously, the item list is ridiculous. Really really.

Who wants to help out? XD

In other news... who am I kidding, there is no other news. Other than somewhat old cosplay pix, cuz I don't think I've actually posted these yet!

Renji: Halloween party pix, both at school and not. I think you'll be able to tell :P
The wig doesn't spike nearly as much as it could, but that's intentional, as I wanted to be able to switch between up and down styles without too much pain.

Gaara: wig progress and make-up practice.
OH NOES NO BROWS )__________________
But seriously, if you have any original fills or ideas on how to accomplish some of those items, and don't mind me submitting them for Team #67, I'll gladly take them. You can reach me at feikoi [at] gmail.com.
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Yeah, so I've been filling up my sketchbook pretty steadily while at school. Sometimes, it's because I have a lot of downtime and no internet, and sometimes it's because I like to show off for the kids. (Yes, the elementary school kids. Shuddup.)

Anyway, I keep hearing, Sensei, who's this, what character, for all my fashion sketches, as well as repeated requests for Draw X! And I'll be the first to admit, I'm really not practiced at drawing anything but clothing, so. I've been practicing.

i never said i was good yet -- wips below the cut )

I like Renji. I like drawing Renji (and his tattoos). I should probably get better at drawing in general though.

Reminder: I'm running a Comiket 80 pick-up service -- more details here!
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I will be offering my doujinshi and goods pick-up services once again, this time for Haru Comic City! This pan-fandom event takes place on March 20th, so I will be taking orders through 3/18 (US time).

Here's a summary of the process:
1. Get me your list of the circles you'd like me to visit, as well as any specific requests. This includes a Do Not Want list, pairing information (if applicable) and flyer requests. Links to circles/titles are appreciated.
2. Want goods, too? Goods that are large or awkward to carry may have an additional fee. Let me know what you're looking for.
3. Have a spending limit? Check out the fee breakdown below and let me know your limit, before or after commission and shipping fees. (Also, put your wishlist in order of priority if your budget is tight!)
3. I'll confirm the list with you, and start prepping lists and maps for the event. Deposit of expected commission fees should be paid through PayPal before the event.
4. Event!
5. After the event, I'll contact you with the results and a tentative subtotal. I typically use SAL small packet service, which takes about 2 weeks to the US, and costs Y80+Y100/100g. If you want to use a different shipping service, just let me know.
6. Once I double check the order list and shipping estimate, I'll confirm the total with you. Please send the payment via PayPal in USD or JPY.
7. Order will be shipped that week (usually the day following payment, if there are no scheduling issues).

Note: Single item requests will be considered on a case by case basis, and are also subject to the minimum commission fee.

Fee breakdown (for this event only):
#Price of dj/goods
#Commission: Y500 per circle purchased from or 30%, whichever is greater. For figurines or large/awkward goods, there is an extra fee, to be discussed. Also, commercial booths and wall circles (popular ones, often with a long wait) will also incur an additional fee of Y500 per circle.
#S&H: Y200 + SAL small packet fees (under 2kgs)
####Payment through PayPal in USD at current exchange rate (or in JPY if you'd prefer) before shipping.

Please comment here, PM or email me with any questions or orders!

CONTACT: feikoi at gmail dot com

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I'll be attending this Bleach event in Tokyo on Sunday. Not sure how many on this list are interested in Bleach, but if anyone wants me to pick up doujinshi for them, I'm willing to offer my shopping services.

Please tell me your spending limit (including special 20% commission rate for this event, and shipping), and list the circles you want in order of priority as well as titles you DNW/already have. I can look for specific titles within those circles as well, but can't promise the availability. The pairing you are interested in would also come in handy. (I'll be hitting up all the RenIchi circles I can find for personal shopping, so I'm okay with looking for individual titles there :D)

Shipping by SAL to the US takes about two weeks and comes to about $1+$2/dj, depending on weight. Payment for order is through PayPal in USD.

Feel free to comment here or email me at feikoi at gmail dot com with any questions. I'll take orders through 2/12 11am EST (that's 1am Sunday morning). Event information can be found at http://bbb.moo.jp

Have a good weekend, everyone!
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Continuing to prove that I can barely motivate myself to post once in a blue moon. Sigh.

In DW news, I can only access skip=40 on my reading list; anyone else having the same issue?

Links fixed in the last post. Finally.

Annnnnd you can find me on Twitter as @feikoi. To be honest, that's the only platform I use constantly and consistently. You'll get a lot of my random daily life postings, but I've been trying to be good about posting up any and all new fic recs. I'll admit, I'm a lurker and a consumer in fandom. Sigh.

In cosplay news... lacking decent pictures at the moment (oh noes!), but I cosplayed Renji (of Bleach) at Jump Festa last month. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out, even half-finished as it was. Going to try getting some of the details done in the next week, as I've tentatively scheduled an interview/photoshoot/thing with Anime3000 at the end of the month for their Cosplay Showcase. Chou~ nervous. I really don't have much confidence in my cosplay quality, but I'll do my best!

(Here's a pic taken before venturing out into the Festa crowd: yay tattoos!)

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So apparently Twitter no longer has my tweets prior to September 23rd, so that is a sad sad thing. Here are the remaining recs!

September 2010 fic links
  1. IANA! Reading: And Joseph's brothers hated him as much as I hated you, by tigriswolf. New!Trek/Riddick xover. link
  2. @KuriLu Here. Steve Rogers meets DEATH: link :D
  3. Rec: Talking Points, by pir8fancier. SGA post-series, R, mcshep. link
  4. Rec: One Week, by janeturenne. Sherlock Holmes, NC17, H/W. The boys make a wager. (2 parts left to be posted this week.) link
  5. Rec: The Arc of the Pendulum, by brummell. Post HP7 (EWE), R, HPDM. Take on Beauty and the Beast. link

October 2010 fic links and miscellaneous links of interest
  1. RT @ajafair RT @nkjemisin No one expects the zombie apocalypse! Except the U.of FL. link || Good ol' UF. How'd I miss this?
  2. *flail* Oh, Shatterstar.... Reading: Touching, by JBMcDragon. X-Force, Ric/Shatty, R. link
  3. Reading: Counting Games, by tsukinofaerii. Ultimates, PG, Steve-centric. "Steve was sick." link
  4. Read: Pink, by the_deep_magic. New!Trek, Kirk/Spock, NC17. link
  5. Reading: Switch, by ceres_libera. New!Trek, long WIP, NC17, K/M. "The life and times of Leonard H. McCoy MD/PhD" link
  6. Rec: Solitary Confinement, by chasingthewinds. New!Trek, mental asylum AU, R, Kirk/McCoy. Beautiful mindfuckery. link
  7. Rec: sealed by a fragile touch, (and sequels) by classics_geek. New!Trek, Kirk/McCoy.Warning 1st isolation, 2nd daterape. link
  8. And after reading all that dark!fic (I hesitate to label as angst), I need Die Hard smut and the Tragic Woobie Widower. And then sleep.
  9. Reading: Damned If You Do, and Damned If You Don't, by pir8fancier. So glad she started writing SGA fic. R, McShep. http://is.gd/42FS3
  10. Because you need an NCIS/X-Factor crossover fic. And some more cuddles. Here's both: link
  11. Reading: The World of Hate and Fear, by fandomatemylife. NCIS/X-Factor (comics) xover, PG13, gen. link
  12. Reading: Solid Ground, by Noelia. Batman (Nolanverse), AU end of TDK (Barb dies), Bruce/Jim, PG13-R, series linked here: link
  13. Reading: Dragon Choices, by tsukinofaerii. Pern/Marvel Avengers fusion, SteveTony(pern warnings,) Tony can hear dragons. link
  14. @freosan ok, phone sex fic, avengers, Steve/Tony: link
  15. ~ Die Hard 4, only a little dirty talk link
  16. Reading an interesting paper on Touch and Human Sexuality: link
  17. This paper is really interesting, especially when discussing the effects of infant touch deprivation on later (adult) development...
  18. Reading: Defenders of the Realm, by larmadeuse. Merlin, NC17, Arthur/Merlin modern AU -- Arthur and Morgana are cops. link
  19. Rec: sweat, paint and blue jeans, by cards_slash. New!Trek, NC17, Kirk/Spock/McCoy PWP. Good smut. :P link
  20. Rec: the problem we all live with, by green_postit. Merlin, NC17, Arthur/Merlin, dark. link
  21. Rec: The Kids Aren't Alright, by M. Iron Man movie, PG13, Vanity Fair article format, Tony character analysis. link
  22. Mmm, just reread [personal profile] simmysim's Steve/Tony gogglesex fic. So so hot. But I need to sleep now, so goodnight Internet.
  23. I think I may have been linked to "the slashiest Victorians EVER!" according to janeturenne. Here, have some Raffles: link
  24. That reminds me: Reading: Fire and Rain, by pennyplainknits. Merlin/SPN fusion, Arthur/Merlin, NC17. link
  25. Reading: Red-verse, by ofthespider. Marvel-verse (AU-ish), Spiderman/Daredevil, PG-NC17. link
    • Hmm. This Daredevil/Spiderman fic keeps making me go NEEDZ MOAR LUBE. I think the characters might think that too, though.
  26. The Art of War,by valtyr. Ult!Tony/Steve NC17. Steve Rogers has a brilliant tactical mind, and he's not afraid to use it. link
  27. Rec: The Bugs and the Bees, by Other_Hazards. Avengers, Steve/Tony (post-chest plate), PG13, humorous short. link
  28. Reading: The Hard Prayer, by Rheanna. SGA, AU, PG13. One year after the end of the world, John meets another survivor. link
  29. Reading: Entanglements, by Vathara. Saiyuki, Sanzo/Hakkai, tentacles (of the plant variety), PG13. link
    • "Kanzeon Bosatsu. Are you /molesting/ that plant?" || "Really, Jiroshin!" Se tched. "It's of age."
    • I love Vathara's writing, but I am always left wanting /more/. The world-building is always done well enough to support an epic series.
  30. Miasma of homosexuality... constantly electrifying! link ...I think I need to watch this movie: Deathwatch (1966) w/ Nimoy.
  31. Guys guys guys!!!!! Amazing robot!au SGA fic series that you must read!!! Rec: Male Enhancement (The Soul and the Company Store Remix), by Leah. 1st in Scruffy AI series. SGA, R, John/Rodney. link
  32. @skysailor99 And its not bad, either! They Came From Chicago, by Blueninja33. Dresden Files/Castle xover, PG13. link
  33. Straight Guys Tell: Advocate.com article on DADT link
  34. Rec: I Sidhe What You Did There, by binz. Dresden Files, Dresden/Marcone, NC17, public sex and pixie dust (sex pollen). link
  35. Yay yay yay SGA AU fics! This one's a John-as-a-centaur one...(i also like the werewolf!Zelenka ones -- fantasy+scifi+crack=win!) Rec: Human Enough, by Leah. SGA, PG13, John is a centaur. link
  36. Apparently, I've managed to stay up til dawn again reading fic. Oops. It was a lovely HP/Holmes xover though... link ...@skysailor99 *points at previous message* Holmes and Watson and Malfoy and Snape and Potter.
  37. Rereading Femmequixotic's Exegesis, the HP/Dracula modern-day AU I mentioned earlier. Deacon!Severus POV. Is awesome. link
  38. Reading: Black Helicopters,by whizzy. SGA AU. Rodney was going to prove the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. link
  39. I suck at pictures. Anywho...Rangiku Matsumoto cosplay: Finis (for now...) link @freosan Also, pic: link of the top part note: there are about eighty tweets from when i was making the damn thing -- you just get the pic links :P
  40. Reading: Awful Bliss, by Sleeps With Coyotes. FF7, NC17, Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud. Apparently, mako gives you tentacles. link
  41. Reading Die Hard fic makes a certain song get stuck in my head... *hums "And Along Came Jones"* this fic
  42. This is all parts adorable, kickass, and gorgeous: link
  43. @Needs_Coffee Y HALO THAR. HERE B KILLA SHEP. link

November 2009 (links I apparently missed the first go around)
  1. Oh god comment porn goodness to be found HERE: link yay yay SG1
  2. Castle fic! link
  3. Reading: The Rampant Disease, by triedunture. House, horror. Wilson comes back from vacation and...where is everybody? link ...Dude, zombie fic was awesome. Go read, everyone.
  4. Why did I start reading a creepy story at night? Good story, but spooky... (this is like when I started Cell at night, isn't it...) Rec: Fade to Black, by Whizzy. SGA, AU, horror, PG13. Spooky remix of Black Helicopters. link ...Fuck that was too well written. Need some fluffy domestic smut fic so I can sleep, now.
  5. @Blue_Rose_ Heh. Watching Buffy vs. Edward right now, lawlz. link
  6. Rec: So We Grow Wise, by Deastar. New!Trek, K/S, R, longfic, kid fic. “Commander Spock, we have located your son,”... link
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backdated and x-posted from lj

February 2010 linkage:
  1. @skysailor99 On a less ranty note, Roll With It updated :D synecdochic.dreamwidth.org/377256.html
  2. Rec: Emptied, by ciceqi. Yami no Matsuei/KH2 xover, Hisoka/Tsuzuki and Axel, R. "Things will get better. I promise." is.gd/7C5cb
  3. Rec: Fedoras, by ciceqi. Kingdom Hearts, Axel/Roxas, NC17, omghotyay :D is.gd/7C7e9
  4. And that P.L.Nunn Laguna/Irvine pic. This one! Totally not worksafe, though. (and thus it was my background in college, lawlz) is.gd/7CcVb
  5. [re: FFVIII canon in KHII] @freosan May have found a fixit fic of some sort, post KH2? ciceqi.slashcity.com/XOwatch.html
  6. Thank you, Leslie! Reading: Edward Cullen is a Zebrafish, by Zarazia. Twilight/FFVII crack xover. www.fanfiction.net/s/5379066/1/
  7. Rec: The Plan: A KHII Fanfiction Paying Homage to Both FF7 and Clue, by lanerose. PG, humor. lanerose.livejournal.com/54685.html
  8. Rec: PFLAG, by harukami. Saiyuki, PG13, Gojyo and Dokugakuji get drunk together. harukami.livejournal.com/506779.html
  9. Rec: Janken, by peroxidepest17. Bleach, Chad/Ishida/Ichigo, PG, fluffy. www.fanfiction.net/s/2332931/1/
  10. Rec: A Step to the Left, by Anria. FFVII/FFVIII xover, PG13. areyougame.dreamwidth.org/9686.html
  11. Here, have some belated Valentine's Day art, a la Steve/Tony :DDD psychotricorder.livejournal.com/6398.html
  12. Only Good For Legends updated! Detective!Spock K/S AU, really fracking long chapters of awesome. leupagus.dreamwidth.org/13830.html
  13. Heh. Just read ciceqi's FFVII Anthro-verse, aka Cloud is a chocobo!boy whee~ bit.ly/bYEhlw have now read nearly all her ff stuff XD
  14. Oh, fun :D Reading: Three Hundred and Sixty-Four, by sardonicsmiley. SGA, Rodney/Ronon, NC17, marriage of convenience is.gd/8Evdr
  15. @KuriLu @skysailor99 ...I has zombie FFVII fic? Yes, with a zombie boyfriend, you have been warned: Disquiet, by ciceqi bit.ly/b25DkN
  16. O HAI GIZE LOOK SGA CRACKFIC: tbm.skilaatara.net/list_sga_strange.html
  17. Rec: But Where Would They Live, by thingswithwings. SGA crack, unicorn!Rodney/rainbow!John. is.gd/8Nhu2
  18. Tentacles? Tentacles! (yes I have a thing) (also it's Kat Reitz and Tzigane, so yay) Fic: The Upside of Having Wraith DNA is.gd/8NjZJ
  19. *snorts* OMG crack. ILU SGA FANDOM. Fic: Far Far Away, by astolat. SGA/American Idol RPF, R, Adam/John, John/Rodney. is.gd/8Rjpm
  20. Yay AC OT4 fixit fic -- which is complete! Fic: Another Chance, by GW Katrina. FFVII-AC alternate ending, S/C/A/Z, PG13. is.gd/8RLUy
  21. Reading: Without Fear, by Scala. The Sentinel, NC17, Jim/Blair, post-canon h/c romance longfic yay. is.gd/99LyR
  22. Reading: Downloaded (series), by ennyousai. New!Trek/BSG 2003, R, Kirk/Cylon!McCoy. ennyousai-fic.livejournal.com/11069.html
  23. Rec: Loserville, by shrift. BtVS, Xander/Spike, NC17, humor. (4th season fic) bifictionalbedlam.slashcity.net/shrift/loserville.html
  24. Reading: Wake Up, by Viridian5. Saiyuki (future incarnations), R, teenage!psychic!Sanzo. viridian.shriftweb.org/gs_wake-up.htm
  25. More tentacle pr0n! Even more blatantly penis-substitutes this time! Fic: A Lover's Embrace, by mckays_girl. SGA, R/J. bit.ly/9q53kn
  26. Rec: Want, by emungere. Saiyuki (post-Minus Wave), NC17, Hakkai/Gojyo, dubcon, vines. emungere.livejournal.com/227889.html
  27. Rec: Familiarity, by emungere. Saiyuki, NC17, Gojyo/Hakkai/Jeep, bodyswitching, xeno, eeee! emungere.livejournal.com/216223.html
  28. Totally setting my homescreen to this NSFW Steve/Tony hotness for the weekend. Guh. bit.ly/cUDWTW
  29. Rec: A Distant Utopia, by shrift. The Authority, R, Apollo/Midnighter. bifictionalbedlam.slashcity.net/shrift/distantutopia.html
  30. Reading: Dodge-town, by shrift. Batman, NC17, Dick/Tim, sex pollen. bifictionalbedlam.slashcity.net/shrift/dodge-town.html
  31. Rec: Blind Date, by shrift. Teen Titans, X, Kon/Tim. "Kon has a crisis. Tim wears pajamas." bit.ly/a51fyB
  32. Fic: Never-Ever Land, by shrift. BtVS, X, Spike/Xander, pretty much sex-pollen fic :D bit.ly/a5Ge9K
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 Most of what I've listed on Twitter can be found on my favorites page there. I really should start cataloguing on del.icio.us, since the tagging format is ideal, but... its rather overwhelming to consider the tens of thousands of fics I have squirrelled away on my computer. Hmm.

Anyway, links crossposted to LJ in Nov-Dec 2009! Will get around to the other ones in a bit.

  1. Rec: Mr Rock and Roll, by torakowalski. Die Hard 4, McClane/Farrell, NC17. is.gd/5oEyq #
  2. Everything Changes (And you gotta be ready). #sga_santa Sheppard goes missing & Rodney moves heaven & earth to find him. is.gd/5CIKx #


  1. @Blue_Rose_ Yayayay Ichigo/Renji! Is totally what I like to read, but as a picky reader... *sigh* Read Insomnia, by SilverKytten. (wip) bit.ly/KRluH #
  2. Rec: A Kind of Magic, by selinamoonfire. Star Trek AU, Kirk/Bones, PG13, fairytale. selinashideaway.livejournal.com/9957.html #
  3. Reading: Seascape, by rip_the_tide. ST:IX AU, R, Spock/McCoy. Welcome aboard the pirate ship Enterprise. :D is.gd/4QWfN #
  4. Rec: Two Gorram Days and sequels, by Dyce. Firefly, Jayne/River, becomes AU, PG13/R. bit.ly/1t41VJ #
  5. Read: With Such a Sky to Lead Him On, by thistlerose. ST:IX, Kirk/Bones, PG13. Poetry and an English honeymoon. is.gd/4VwSE #
  6. Reading: Champions, by Sleeps with Coyotes. FF7, Cid/Vincent. Well, I can think of one problem with damage-based limits.. is.gd/4VQSa #
  7. Reading: Love is Strange, by garryowen. Art by @vejiicakes. ST:XI, Kirk/Spock, NC17, Dirty Dancing redux. is.gd/4WLfo #
  8. Reading: The Quiet Sound of Thunder, by fortassetu. Art by glockgal. ST:XI, Kirk/Bones, Spock/Uhura, NC17, vampires. is.gd/4WLah #
  9. Reading: Oublier, by batmanboxers. Art by davincis_girl, fanmix by cybermathwitch. STXI, K/S, R, amnesia!fic. is.gd/4WLTy #
  10. Rec: Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit, by lazulisong. STXI, gen, PG13. It really does take a village to raise a Jim. is.gd/4XVHx #
  11. Holy crap, SGA/Hellblazer fic? And its by Kat Reitz and perryvic? Fic: Mercy of the Fallen. McKay/Sheppard/Beckett, NC17 is.gd/52zQH #
  12. Reading: Something Most Odd, by Harper. Wicked, Galinda/Elphaba, PG15. ralst.com/SomethingMostOdd.HTM #
  13. @skysailor99 BTW, did you know that there was an update for Howling? (or, well, the next in the series) is.gd/55tDV #
  14. Rec: The Long Engagement, by omg wtf yeah. SGA Big Bang fic, steampunk!Atlantis + circus AU, McShep, NC17. is.gd/55Ji8 #
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