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This page is coded to link to images items 201 through 299 on the Prop Store's Pacific Rim auction, for easy access. Most items only have a few reference pictures, but I included img01-img20 just in case. Each line is a new item. (There aren't actually 299 items yet, but.)

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This page is coded to link to images items 101 through 200 on the Prop Store's Pacific Rim auction, for easy access. Most items only have a few reference pictures, but I included img01-img20 just in case. Each line is a new item.

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This page is coded to link to images items 1 through 100 on the Prop Store's Pacific Rim auction, for easy access. Most items only have a few reference pictures, but I included img01-img20 just in case. Each line is a new item.

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The Singapore vacation went well! Don't have much in the way of pictures, I kinda left that up to the others. We had lots of delicious food, and watched the Avengers twice, and did lots of touristy things.

If you ever have the chance to visit Singapore, I'd recommend doing the Night Safari. Yes, zoos, they have them everywhere, but 1) The layout of the main Singapore Zoo is really well done, very enjoyable, and 2) the Night Safari is /at night/. It's actually an adjacent park, and you get to wander around the paths and visit all the nocturnal animals, and there's also a tram tour that takes you around to all the large animal areas. Really cool.

Cosplay happened! I went as Tony Stark to the midnight showing of the Avengers, in the outfit displayed in the trailers. Pretty happy with how it turned out, despite the wig being a pain in the ass. And not having enough time to match up the facial hair properly, augh.

Shitty pics are shitty. )

And the last day of my stay was Free Comic Book Day! I also started out the day as Tony, as I met up with Kie and her friends to get ALL THE COMICS. (Tangent: I now have the hardcover for Children's Crusade. OMG FINALLY) After that, I switched into Superboy mode, and Kie and I went to Universal Studios! and purikura!

Went to Universal Studios with @Kiellne yesterday, it was loa... on Twitpic
Cue shenanigans. )

Cut to a week later. While visiting Jessamy and Marixsa, we made cakes! LOTS OF THEM. We ended up making a layered red velvet cake inspired by that amazing Captain America one, but this time more on the Cap/Iron Man slash end of things. (And also started putting together a Hulk cake, muahahaha)


Now, finally getting back to the subject line (no, visiting singapore to see a movie and making comic book cakes are not nearly insane enough)...

I've decided to get a circle space at Movies Paradise this fall. MP is a relatively small fan event for western fandoms -- your typical Japanese event with circle selling fan-comics and fanfic and a little bit of cosplaying. I have also decided that I'm going to make props for ALL the Avengers characters. And possibly SHIELD stamps. Along with whatever cosplay I manage to get finished (Tony is ready, Steve is doable, Loki would be insane).

NOT ONLY THAT, but I had also been considering putting together an Avengers fan-anthology for the event. I've since realized that that is /probably/ too short of a timeframe, but here's the deal. If you want to distribute or sell related materials at MP through me, let me know. This could be postcard prints, copybon, whatever. I ask that you pay me for whatever printing, etc. charges I'd need to do on your behalf, but otherwise, I'm game. (I could probably manage a staplebound anthology/artbook still if there is interest, but.)


Mar. 30th, 2012 12:56 pm
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my grampa has a brain tumor.

in other news, this streak of doing absolutely nothing but reading so far this week? is going to continue. i have many excuses, but i'll spare you. things will get done starting next week.
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Waaaaaay too fucking lazy to go through the pix individually right now, so embedding the albums instead! Only two processed so far, more to come later.

Iron Man 1

"Ladies and gentlemen, for your consideration: the Jericho."

"Come on, honey bear."
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Ambitious is not usually a term I use to describe myself -- I don't have much in the way of career goals, and I've never been able to answer that whole "Where do you see your self in 5/10/20 years?" question. (When inevitably asked by students come interview time, what is your dream?, I totally bullshit about whatever topic they'll actually understand my answer for. Recently, becoming a fashion designer.)

But I'm coming to realize that in a few areas of my life, I actually do have ambition -- but I lack the drive to back it up. One is my long-term interest in small to mid-scale exportation of goods, despite recent setbacks with #fanservices. The other, as you're probably sick of hearing me blather on about, is cosplay.

I'm not a very good cosplayer. I mean, I have standards, but I don't have terribly much experience with proper garment and prop construction, and I procrastinate so badly that I'm very rushed for time before presentation at events. This blog post is one of those procrastination tools -- I'm supposed to be constructing a Captain America cosplay right now, for an event in two weeks. Guess who hasn't started cutting/sewing? Fortunately, Castiel is wearable, minus shoes and possible wig changes, so I won't be without a costume.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Yeah, I like to play dress up (and the prestige of not buying a ready-made costume) so much more than actually making it.

My wishlist for cosplay keeps growing longer and longer, not helped at all with the fact I'm apparently working on obtaining /all/ of Tony Stark's wardrobe, or at least off-the-rack imitations thereof. (My next post here will be all the reference shots I'm using -- if anyone else can make use of it, since I have yet to find any posts focusing on the non-battle-suits of those movies elsewhere...)

List of characters off the top of my head:
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...am noticing the tendency towards desiring to cosplay both characters in a pairing I like. ^^;; There's definitely a ton more I'm leaving off the list, but I'll have to add them in later.
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flist seems to be filled with varieties of colds and aches and pains. Me? STOMACH FLU. /o\ and after i had just been talking about hardly ever getting sick.


Since it's the internet and all, I don't actually care about TMI and bodily functions quite as much, but I'll cut my moaning for your sake.

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Concurrent with (and vaguely mentally related to) #GISHWHES, I decided I wanted to find a trench coat. Castiel's trench coat. In order to, yanno, cosplay him. To this end, while out and about, accomplishing GISHWHES tasks with friends, I've been digging through used and regular fashion stores.

So. Flipping. Hard. To find something suitable I can afford. Burberry seems to make the closest approximation I can find here, excepting a few small designer shops (which are even /further/ out of my price range). Sigh.

On one such trip, I found a pretty cool trench -- not suitable for cosplay, due to differing design details, but as I had vaguely Cas-like clothes with me anyway, I decided it was an absolutely /smashing/ idea to change into cosplay in the middle of H&M's mens department. Wig and all.

pix at H&M! )

On the walk back to the station, found some awesome red-lensed sunglasses. After the X-Men movies, I'm always on the lookout for them, and was pretty happy with this pair. Between these and the subsequent dinner in Shin-Okubo (Korea-town), K and I were discussing different potential characters, and one in particular got stuck in my head. Got home, did a bit of make-up practice for Castiel's five o'clock shadow, then decided, what the heck.

hint: see userpic )

I'd like to try making fake mustaches/beards/sideburns, using latex as a base since I have a jar of it already. Has anyone had experience with this? Getting tips from one friend, but I always welcome more help.

Still have yet to start on either Gaara's outfit or props, and same goes for Renji's bankai variation. Whoops....and these are supposed to be done in a month...
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So. GISHWHES is over, and I didn't get to submit my lovely Last Supper picture. So you guys get to see it! (Submitted items aren't allowed to be reposted -- yet. I think.)

136. Action figures/superheroes set up to resemble “The Last Supper. ” (18 points)

In addition to that, there were so many random things I sent in. I'm hoping all of them counted, but there are a few that are iffy.
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Now that GISHWHES is over, I can a) sleep and b) catch up on #fanservices stuff. Sorry I'm so behind, guys! I will be attending Comiket 81 -- more details here.
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Have submitted two items so far, and have another three possibles kinda ready? Seriously, the item list is ridiculous. Really really.

Who wants to help out? XD

In other news... who am I kidding, there is no other news. Other than somewhat old cosplay pix, cuz I don't think I've actually posted these yet!

Renji: Halloween party pix, both at school and not. I think you'll be able to tell :P
The wig doesn't spike nearly as much as it could, but that's intentional, as I wanted to be able to switch between up and down styles without too much pain.

Gaara: wig progress and make-up practice.
OH NOES NO BROWS )__________________
But seriously, if you have any original fills or ideas on how to accomplish some of those items, and don't mind me submitting them for Team #67, I'll gladly take them. You can reach me at feikoi [at] gmail.com.
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 So, uh, yeah, I've signed up for #GISHWHES, aka that massive ridiculous scavenger hunt Misha Collins is promoting. And the wait is fucking killing me. where's my team emaaaaaaaaaaaail

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Halloween! Favorite holiday, it must be said, for obvious reasons. I mean really -- candy? costumes? /Awesome/.

I've, uh, apparently decided to make a Gaara costume this weekend. Yes, I am fucking insane, but I have permission to wear a costume at one of my schools next week, so I wanna do something new.

(or, well, said permission:
Me: Hey, can we do a Halloween class in October?
Head teacher: Sure, what do you want to do?
Me: Well, halloween words, bingo, talk about Halloween in America...and hey, I have a lot of costumes, I can bring them in for the kids to try on.
Head teacher: Sounds fun!
Me: So its okay that I wear a costume to class?
Head teacher: Okay.
....[note that this takes place half in Japanese -- the teacher's English is better than a lot of elementary school teachers, but is still probably on par with my Japanese, so, uh, who knows if we got the same thing out of the convo, lol])

was playing with make-up )

I may get another wig -- perhaps the exact same wine-red bob, but one I won't feel bad chopping up until it's short enough to spike a bit. (I really like this wig, I have it in like, four colors? Especially fab since they're under Y1000 each.) Or I might buy one from the Nakano shop, since I'll likely stop in there this week. 

Oh, I haven't mentioned! In Nakano Broadway, down the hall from the fannish stores, is a cosplay shop. Now, I hadn't looked at the wigs there before, because I was expecting the typical Mandarake/cosplay shop prices. But my friend was picking up a wig to do Babydoll (Sucker Punch), and so I helped her out, and wow, they're cheaper or comparable to Maple. Awesome. So she now has a loosely curled wig down to her ass which looks awesome, and I'm thinking about getting it in orange. Remember that post I made about cosplaying Shatterstar? I think this might work (it's on the slightly darker end of oranges, like the first wig pic or Bodyline's orange) -- actually, the style looks rather like the first wig as well. I have a pic of my friend wearing it, but haven't gotten permission to post it. Anyway, it was closer to Y4200 at the Nakano shop -- less than Maple, more than the unstyled wigs in Nippori, but as Nakano is closer, I don't have to pay as much in train fare. \o/

I've ordered green mesh contacts -- they're the UV ones, seen here, and I haven't managed to find a non-blacklight pic of them, but hopefully they'll a) fit, and b) work color-wise. (My blue eyes as a base should help with this.) So far, I've ordered all of my contacts from YouKnowIt.com (which has a few mirror stores -- bodyjewellryshop, foureyez, etc.). Communication when you email them with questions is pretty meh, but they're cheap, AND they offer free international shipping. Win. I've ordered, hmm, I guess this makes my sixth pair of contacts from them. The most recent pair, Mystic Green, do not fit my eyes at all, which is weird -- everything /should/ be the one general size, since I'm not ordering them prescription (which I should get my eyes fitted for anyway, but hasn't happened yet), and I haven't had this issue with any of my other pairs.... I haven't gotten a response from the one email I sent the company, but whatever, I'm only out $15. (Yes, they're that cheap. It's /awesome/.)

Btw, these are the one's I ordered: http://www.youknowit.com/online-shop/i-glow-green-screen-contact-lenses-pair623283.cfm

....My posts are Digression Central, aren't they. Whoops.

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In honor of moving my service pages over to [personal profile] fanservices, I'm holding a drawing for free doujinshi/goods. \o/ Adding even more prizes now!

One ticket will be given to each entrant. Entrants who are "watching" [personal profile] fanservices at time of drawing will receive one extra ticket. Customers in the past six months will also get a bonus ticket when they enter. Check out the details here, and comment on the post to enter!

In addition, I have several new services open!



Now's your chance to order from a variety of Japanese online shops, including Toranoana and youclub. Commission is only $5 an item! Order will be placed October 1st.

For more details, click here to go to the group order page.


I am now taking orders for Movies Paradise 15! MP15 is an event catering towards western fandoms, including Supernatural, Batman, Sherlock Holmes, Saw, Inception, CSI, and many more. Click here to visit the event service page, and send me an email with any questions -- or your order!

~Thank you~

Feedback ~ FAQ ~ Contact: feikoi❀gmail.com
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Back from GCC18!  
Summary: In which I spend way, way too much money.

Today's outfit
because this seems to be a tradtion of mine by now )

Decided to eat breakfast just as my alarm to go sounded, so I arrived a little later than originally planned. Still, made it in line at around 10:30 or so -- doors opened at 11. There was a line-up, but it was all inside. (Small favors -- it's air conditioned in the event halls, not between them. Sigh.)

I made my way over to the Hero Live! event booths first, and picked up two towel sets. One for me, and one for...actually, not sure. I have two friends here who I've hooked on Tiger&Bunny. It's also possible that it will go up for raffle at some point... ^^

In addition, Hero Live was doing a paper rally, with the prize being a set of 20 postcards by various artists. I managed to score four sets. You see, apparently you were only supposed to get one, or was it one at a time...so I went back several times. I had enough flyers for another two sets by the end of the event, but they had run out by then...*sadface* In any case, one set went to my friend when I visited her table to chat -- she's a Bleach artist, @namihebi00 on twitter. Another set is reserved to my friend who couldn't make it today, because she just bought the cutest Maine coon kitten ever, and thus had no money, lol. The last extra may go to my other T&B friend...

So, yeah. Paper rally. Meant collecting 5 info flyers from the participating circles. Which were a lot. (Not all 800, but a fair portion...) I started out today with about Y60,000, and now have about Y15,000. In USD, that's almost $600 spent. Granted, a lot were for clients, but if I'm being honest, probably less than half. *shakes head*

My weakness? GOODS. ALL THE GOODS. I several phone straps, including those screen-wiping ones, and postcards, and a clear document case, and the aforementioned towels... I managed to keep myself from buying all the pins, but it was close. (And this is on top of the fans and the goods purchased at GO NEXT!...)


(I'm not used to so many fan goods for my fandom, it's awesome and also a little terrifying for my bank account.)

In addition to everything Tiger and Bunny, I also grabbed a Bleach book, a FMA book, and...*thinks*...oh, right, those little penguin goods you can see in the picture! So adorable.

So pretty much, that was my day. How was yours?

(Kind of want to go down the street for ramen now, but I should save my money, shouldn't I...)
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My wig collection has reached... *counts* 13 wigs? Most of them were purchased for under Y2000, and actually decent quality at that, and I'm pretty sure I've worn all but three of them out and about already. (I also have like, five or six pairs of color contact lenses, but let's not talk about those right now.) I like playing dress-up, period -- if it's cosplay as well, all the better :D

I mention this because, on my ever-growing list of cosplays I wish to do someday, a couple characters that have been burning at the back of my mind for quite a while now. I really have to blame [personal profile] luciazephyr and her big damn fanmix, A Chicago Triptych, for my recent desire to cosplay the Leanansidhe (Dresden Files). 

In the more recent descriptions of Lea, her hair is described as fiery gold. What the hell does that look like, I asked. @skysailor99 offered up the following pic as a gorgeous color sample, thanks love.

And with that in mind, Marcia Cross's hair color looks like a good real life reference, if it were styled crazy long and curly/wavy. (Photo ganked from www.hairstyle-blog.com) 

ETA: oh hey more ref pics )If you have any alternative ideas to Lea's haircolor or style, please let me know! Additional input is always welcome~

Anyway, as soon as I had seen that, I was like, wow, you know, that looks like it could work for Shatterstar's hair, who I've been wanting to cosplay for years.

Apparently, I have a weakness for all redheads )

And so, the wig search begins. Below the cut is where I'm stashing wig notes and other related cosplay research on these two characters.

Locally, two shops I know are within my price range, namely Bodyline and that nameless wig shop in Nippori, and possibly Maple as well. Online, well, I'm not terribly certain as to quality of said wigs. There are a lot more hairstyles available in the western shops and more expensive stores in Japan, but the fiber quality is different. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

Costume research here~ )

I spend far too much time researching this stuff, lol. I'm partial to the first wig, though it's a little darker than I was hoping, considering current comic canon colors (bright orange) and the photo refs I'm looking at. Actually, the "orange" color from Maple? Looks like it matches the photos best, which is weird, but I can go with that.


Jul. 4th, 2011 09:50 pm
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This whole five-days-a-week work thing is for the birds. And I am not a bird.

Anywho, just finished sending out emails/lj comments to everyone who has placed an order for Comiket through me, so if you haven't received word, please get back to me ASAP at feikoi [AT] gmail [DOT] com. 

I've opened up a few more slots for Friday -- looks like that's going to be my main shopping day, unless I have another massive DRRR!!! order for Saturday. I really need to figure out my cosplay plans for that weekend too...and finish the damn cosplay. Gah.

Am pooped. Tired. And cursing out the hormones for making me slightly unstable the past few days. I do not like it. And tomorrow is a busy day at work, and I need to pay for an order at the post office and am afraid I won't make it in time, and... yeah. 

Bed now.




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