Jan. 18th, 2011

feikoi: steve/tony manip by objectivelyp1nk :D (Default)
Continuing to prove that I can barely motivate myself to post once in a blue moon. Sigh.

In DW news, I can only access skip=40 on my reading list; anyone else having the same issue?

Links fixed in the last post. Finally.

Annnnnd you can find me on Twitter as @feikoi. To be honest, that's the only platform I use constantly and consistently. You'll get a lot of my random daily life postings, but I've been trying to be good about posting up any and all new fic recs. I'll admit, I'm a lurker and a consumer in fandom. Sigh.

In cosplay news... lacking decent pictures at the moment (oh noes!), but I cosplayed Renji (of Bleach) at Jump Festa last month. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out, even half-finished as it was. Going to try getting some of the details done in the next week, as I've tentatively scheduled an interview/photoshoot/thing with Anime3000 at the end of the month for their Cosplay Showcase. Chou~ nervous. I really don't have much confidence in my cosplay quality, but I'll do my best!

(Here's a pic taken before venturing out into the Festa crowd: yay tattoos!)



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