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I'm in Austria! Woot!

The past month has been pretty insane for me -- job hunting, going to interviews, getting a job (assuming I don't flub the Board of Education interview, eek), packing, moving, finishing up paperwork, doing cosplay work, and entertaining visitors to Tokyo... And add a bad case of cicada&stress-induced insomnia, and I've been completely out of it. I haven't been posting fic recs, I've barely been checking LJ and DW, and, well, yeah.

So, news! COMIKET 78 is right around the corner, and I'm in the process of acquiring the catalog now. I have requests for Saiyuki material as well as my normal hunt for Bleach doujinshi...

So! WHO WANTS STUFF? Give me a fandom and I'll try to search the catalog for it, or, even better, give me the artist you want me to look for! At Winter Comiket, I managed to get through a large section of western fandoms -- NCIS, Supernatural, Batman, Heroes, etc. -- cuz they were all grouped together, but this place is massive, so hopefully there will be more preplanning involved.

Also, I have some freebies from previous conventions that are up for grabs -- calendars for FFVII, mini-comics, etc. Just drop me a line if you want anything!

(I'm serious, dudes -- I have this thing where I love shopping, but sometimes I can't justify buying it all for myself, so I need to shop for other people. It's really no trouble.)



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