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Mar. 23rd, 2011 04:10 pm
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Still adding stuff to the help_japan auction over at LJ. The three previous djs are still on offer, and I've just added and Engrish Lucky Pack XD.

I generally do this thing for my sisters -- for their birthdays, or holidays, I'll get a bunch of clothes and accessories here. About half are Japanese fashion items, and the other half are things with random English or foreign language phrases on them that strike me as hilarious or adorable. It's usually wrong, or completely random. So, since I'm familiar with stores that offer these kinds of products, thought I'd make a gift pack to auction off for charity. :D

For example... here are some of the more random socks I picked up on a recent shopping trip:

And hey, if you want to drop a bid (starts at USD 15, including shipping from Japan!), you can follow the link here! Click me!
If you're interested in what doujinshi I have listed, see my collection post here on DW



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